Following these simple steps, you can prevent rugs from slipping on laminate floors

You have an idealized picture of your home when you imagine owning one. The floor, the wall, the cabinetry, and the open plan are all perfect.

Today we will focus on the floor.

The housing market is awash with laminate floors, mainly because of their low cost and ability to mimic a hardwood appearance.

The laminate flooring is composed of pressed wood, fiberboard, and melamine. This combination increases its resistance to scratches and moisture.

The laminate flooring has a smooth surface, so it’s so good. This makes it more prone to slipping and friction.

Rugs have low traction.

Here are a few negatives of a sliding carpet:

Trips and falls can cause injuries.

Spillage can leave a mess.

Transfer of dirt

These risks can be both dangerous and irritating.

We’ll show you seven simple tips to help keep your rug from sliding around on laminate flooring.

Seven ways to prevent rugs from sliding across laminate flooring

Add rugs to laminate flooring for a comfortable, cozy, and luxurious space.

They can also slide constantly on laminated flooring. Here’s why.

Waxing & polishing — Laminate flooring already has a smooth surface; adding a layer of wax or polish will only make it worse.

Pro tip: Leave the floors in their original condition.

Dirt – Debris under the rug can cause the floor to slide.

Pro tip: Keep the floors exposed and clean at all times to prevent dirt from sneaking underneath the rug.

Keep the rug firmly against the floor to help:

Avoid accidents

Keep your home neat

Seven practical and simple tips will help you keep your rug in position.

Use a rug pad that is nonslip

There are several rug pad options that are made specifically for laminate flooring. You can use them under your decorative rug in order to prevent it from sliding.

When choosing the correct rug pad, you should first consider the size of the carpet.

The carpets with dimensions of 6 x 9ft and smaller are usually found in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic, such as mats at the entrance to the kitchen or doorway.

The best rug pads to use in such areas are Nature’s Grip and RugPro.


Carpets larger than six x9ft can be anchored with their own weight and possibly by furniture nearby.

They are less likely to slip and require a rug pad with extra grip and comfort, such as the Eco Plush.

Eco-Plush is a rug pad that has a low damage risk to laminate flooring.

The use of a rug pad has two main advantages to stopping rugs from shifting:

Your house will be safer because you won’t have as much dirt transferring to other areas, especially those with high traffic.

The only disadvantage that may occur is that some dirt can get stuck in the carpet or rug. Lift the rug and carpet to clean it thoroughly.

Cost: Medium.

Effectiveness: High.

Installation is easy.

Damage risk: Low

Longevity: Long-term.

Rugs with nonslip backing are recommended

Rubber is the best material for a rug with a nonslip back.

It’s natural. This is the main benefit of using a rubber-backed rug. Rubber is non-toxic and safe, unlike latex or plastic. It reduces slippage without damaging floors or causing health problems.

The disadvantage is that rugs with nonslip backing don’t adhere perfectly to high-pile laminate floors. You can improve the grip by adding a nonslip pad under your rubber-backed rug.

You can also use the rubber-backed carpet on its own if your laminate flooring is low-pile and not plush.

Cost: High.

Effectiveness: Medium.

Installation is easy.

Low Damage Risk.

Longevity: Long-term.

Use silicone caulk

Silicone Caulk can be used to seal holes and bind joints.

Flip your rug over, and then apply silicone caulk along the edges and the middle of the back. Flatten the rug with a knife so that it will adhere well to the adhesive once it has dried.

It’s quick and easy to DIY.

It also has disadvantages. It can harm rugs or mats over time.

Cost: Medium.

Effectiveness: High.

Installation is easy.

High Damage Risk

Longevity: Long-term.

Secure your rug to the furniture

It’s easy to follow this tip.

To prevent the rug from slipping, you simply need to ensure that the legs of the furniture are directly on top of the rug.

The advantages that anchoring a carpet with furniture can provide are:

Rugs define the functionality of the spaces of your home.

Anchoring rugs to furniture has two disadvantages.

Dirt. Rugs are notorious for retaining dirt. A lightweight rug may not grip laminate floors well. Add a rug pad underneath the rug to keep it in place.

Cost: High.

Effectiveness: High.

Installation is easy.

Damage risk: Low

Longevity: Long-term.

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