Farmhouse Area Rugs: Rustic and well-worn

The farmhouse interior design style is a timeless classic. This weathered, light look is relaxed and easy to style. The key to any interior project is choosing the right area rug.

Farmhouse has three design themes: natural fibers, neutral colors, and rough, weathered textures. We have gathered some farmhouse area rug designs to help you embrace these three themes.

Rustic, natural fibers

The foundation for creating a farmhouse-style atmosphere is a rustic look that uses natural fibers. This look is heavily influenced by rural design elements using raw materials. This style is perfect for natural fibers such as Jute and Sisal.

Trinidad Sisal Rug

The rustic look of a chunky weave is classic. This Trinidad Sisal Rug has a chunky weave. This area rug’s natural sisal fibers face like a hand-made piece without the price tag. The sisal fibers are also very durable and will last long, even if the farmhouse style goes out of fashion.

Suri Jute Blend Rug

The uneven texture is a hallmark of rustic style. The Suri Jute Blend Rug is not entirely erratic, but the alternating weaves still give it a rustic feel. This rug’s rough look is not reflected in its sense, as jute is one of the soft natural fibers.

Oval Jute Rug In Ivory

This Oval Jute Rug is a classic farmhouse style. Natural fiber rugs have a naturally uneven shape, so your oval jute runner will be unique. Because each rug is made to order, you can choose any size or shape that suits your farmhouse-styled room.

Neutral colors

White, beige and tan neutrals dominate the farmhouse styles. These colors will enhance the brightness of any room, allowing it to take advantage of natural lighting. They also look great. While white is an excellent wall choice, we suggest sticking to lighter earth tones with neutral-colored area rugs.

Amara Wool Rug

Amara Wool Rug Beach is an excellent example of farmhouse aesthetics. It’s light, bright and airy. This is one of our most lightweight area rug designs, and it seems to be a perfect fit for a farmhouse design. The lines of beige that cross the rug add a dash of visual interest while maintaining the overall look simple and neutral.

Cambridge Wool Rug

The simplicity of the Cambridge Wool rug will highlight the farmhouse aesthetic without making any big statements. It’s also made from wool, which adds a softness to the carpet that traditional farmhouse interiors might not have, but modern feet do.

Bali Sisal Blend Rugs Collection

This Bali Sisal Blend Rug in Natural blends lighter neutrals with darker ones to create a texture that can enhance your farmhouse style. This area rug has a tighter weave than other sisal rugs. It combines natural sisal with synthetic polysilk. The result is a more modern look and feel while maintaining its farmhouse roots.

Weathered and worn textures

Interior design is not something that can be done in a farmhouse. Once a wall has been painted, the weathering that occurs becomes part of its style. This rustic, weathered style is easily carried into the choice of your area rug.


This Boucle Sisal Area Rug in Gunflint is a perfect addition to any farmhouse-inspired home. Beige, brown, and gold shades combine to create an aged, natural look. The look isn’t fake, as sisal fiber is durable, affordable, and sustainable.

Hemp Grass Rug

Hemp grass is a classic, timeless material for an area rug. This rug’s rugged weave is perfect for adding a worn-in texture to a farmhouse-styled room. It’s unsurprising that hemp grass, one of the oldest natural fibers, will fit perfectly with your farmhouse style.

Seabasket Rug with Seagrass

Seabasket is one of our most chunky weaves and looks like a worn-out rope. This rug has a deep texture that appears rugged. However, the seagrass’ natural softness is still evident even in a thick weave. The thick basketweave also feels softer. The rug’s weathered appearance will increase as it is used, and the wear accumulates over time. It makes it an excellent choice for any farmhouse-styled room.

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