How to Turn Any Home into a Beachy Oasis With a Coastal Area Carpet Shoppable Picks

A coastal interior style can bring a fresh, bright look to any room in your home. You don’t have to live near the ocean to enjoy it! It’s simple to decorate your house in coastal style, whether designing a beach house or dreaming about a seaside getaway in a home far from the ocean. You can achieve your beachy dream by using a few nautical-themed decorative items, keeping the color scheme in blues and earthy tones, and putting a coastal area carpet on top.

Nautical area rug

The ocean is the main focus of the coastal style. You can start by using wall colors and artwork reminiscent of the sea. The options are endless. From a photo of a lighthouse on the coast of Maine to a painting with a high-textured texture that mimics the appearance of rough water, there are many ways to bring the open ocean to mind.

What is a nautical rug

Color and texture are the other two elements that make the ocean. When looking for nautical area rug designs, start with these two elements. While lighter shades of blue and green are more common on the shoreline, almost every shade is present in the ocean.

When choosing a coastal rug to match your overall interior design color scheme, you have many options. Area rugs in a diamond design can give the impression of sunlight rippling over shallow coastal waters, while stripes and speckles suggest smooth, rippling ocean waves.

Beachy area rugs

A coastal home must have elements of both the ocean and the beach. An area rug will bring the beach to your coastal interior design. What is a coast if not an area rug? The best part is that area rugs do not get everywhere like sand.

What is a beachy rug

There are as many options as there is sand on all the world’s beaches for incorporating the coastline colors into your area rug. We’re not referring to every color in the rainbow, but rather the lighter and mid-tone earth tones. Think of ecru and tan.

If you want to emulate the white beaches along Florida’s Gulf Coast or the New England Atlantic Coast cliffs, stick with the lighter shades. Choose a medium brown color to create the look of California beaches. Choose a rug that has a wavy pattern weave to enhance the feeling of windswept dunes in your coastal area rug.

Area rugs with a coastal theme

Every coastal interior design element doesn’t need to represent the coast in a literal way. Coastal design is about the coastline and how the houses, shops, boats, and docks look and feel.

What is a coastal area rug

BFollowing your gut and finding that I-don’t-know-it-just-works vibe is the key to finding the right coastal-inspired area rug for you. An area rug with bright white and saturated navy blue best represents a coastal-inspired color scheme.

Area rugs can be found with textures that resemble fishing nets or ropes hanging from boats. They will transform your living room into a private fishing village. If this still seems too literal, choose an abstract design to make you feel the warmth of a sunny day at the beach, the whole feeling of a coastal town, or even just the idea of the ocean.

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