From Art to Decor: How To Style Floral Rugs In Any Living Space

If you want to inject your living space or home with a sense of style and a touch of natural beauty, you can elegantly include floral rugs in your interior design. You can create a romantic outdoor setting by placing the carpet beneath a cozy seating area surrounded by potted flowers, cane or wooden furniture for your patio, and beautiful string lights.

The range of styles varies from Van Gough and Monet to William Morris; flowers have always been prominent themes in the art that are popular throughout the ages, be it artwork or designs for textiles. Inspired by the timeless beauty of floral arrangements, Jaipur Rugs offers an exquisite collection of floral rugs like the Hacienda Collection and Mythos Collection, which are perfect for every mood and setting. If you’re looking for ways to inject your living space or home with a unique flair and a touch of natural beauty, This is how you can effortlessly incorporate flowers into your home design.

Take Your Floral Rugs Outside

Set your floral rugs in outdoor spaces and breathe fresh life into your balcony or patio. Be sure to opt for Jaipur Rugs’ stain-resistant coating that can endure the elements. Make an outdoor oasis by placing the Rug in an outdoor lounge arrangement, surrounded by potted plants and furniture made of cane or wood and beautiful string lights. Now, you can take pleasure in the beauty of nature both inside and out. We suggest using the Hand Tufted Peacock Blue/Liquorice Rug and the Vintage White/Warm Red Rug. Hand-tufted Rug to create a cozy outdoor space.

Make a Grand Entrance With Your Floral Rug

Create a lasting impression by setting up a floral rug at your entranceway. A striking and inviting floral carpet can provide the right oomph to greet guests with warmth and welcome. Combine it with a classic console table or a statement-making mirror and a fresh bouquet to create a memorable entryway that sets the tone for your entire house. We suggest you choose the Cocoa brown hand-tufted rug for the perfect Rug for welcoming you as you cross the doorway.

Create a Statement Corner With Your Floral Rug

Escape from the norm and enjoy the power of striking contrasts. Select a particular flower-filled rug made from Jaipur Rugs like this Mango/Soft Coral Rug with eye-catching hues that contrast with your walls and furniture. Rugs with vibrant flowers in yellow or red against a neutral background will instantly create a visual impact that transforms your living space into an artistic dreamland.

Mix & Play With Textures & Colours

Play around with the colors and patterns of your Rug and the surrounding area to create an aesthetically striking look. Explore shaggy or tassel-like pillows that work nicely with natural or two-toned flower rugs. You can also include a bright and fun sofa for a striking contrast. The combination of bright, gentle colors and hand-tufted Rug with shaggy accents will surely impress anyone. This soft Soft Beige rug is the ideal focal point to bring all these elements into a living room.

Bring The Flower Garden Indoors

The boundaries blur between outdoor and indoor spaces by adding a flower-themed rug into a sunroom or living room, which opens onto an outdoor balcony or garden. Select a rug with botanical designs that reflect the surrounding greenery, and then experiment with the colors to give your space an energizing, nature-inspired, green vibe. Combine it with comfy outdoor seating, plenty of potted plants, and soft lighting to seamlessly transition between the outdoors and your indoor space. We recommend the Ebony/Citron or Deep Blue/Lime green Rug to be the ideal show-stopper for your home.

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