Hand-Knotted Rug For A Perfect Interior

What are hand-knotted rugs

Hand-knotted carpets are created by rug makers who use ancient techniques handed down over centuries. The quality of hand-knotted carpets is excellent, giving you an incredible feeling. The rugs are knotted by hand on a loom, which takes a lot of time and makes them unique. Hand-knotted rugs are durable. The mat’s number of knots per square inch determines the quality and cost. Hand-knotted is the oldest method of carpet weaving in India.

How to Identify the Best Quality Rugs

The three types of weaving techniques are used to weave handmade rugs, and the hand-knotted method is the best. Hand-knotted carpets and rugs are durable because of this.

If you are trying to determine whether your rug is pure Silk or synthetic Silk, you can burn a small piece of the rug. If it smells like burned hair, you know it is pure Silk.

Flipping them over is the best way to learn about hand-knotted carpets. Hand-knotted rugs are the same on both the front and the back. You can flip them over to check the quality.

Fringe on the end. The rug will have a boundary at the end of it and is handmade and original. The hand-knotted method does not allow you to bind the threads at the ends. They must remain as a fringe.

The material used in Hand-Knotted Rugs

Natural fibers such as Silk, wool, cotton, bamboo silk, etc., make hand-knotted rugs. Hand-knotted carpets are incredibly durable and robust because they use high-quality materials and traditional techniques. Wool is the most common material for hand-knotted carpets because it’s durable and affordable. Silk is another popular material used for hand-knotted carpets but it is more expensive and less stable. Silk rugs are not only classy and shiny, but they also have a luxurious feel and texture. Cotton can also be used to make hand-knotted carpets, but it is often used as a foundation than a pile. These hand-knotted carpets can take one month to eight years to construct. It is because of the time it takes to make a hand-tufted or machine-made rug. The hand-knotted material is so durable that it can be used in areas with more traffic and movement. Hand-knotted carpets and rugs can be used in the living room. In a crowded place, hand-tufted will work better than hand-knotted.

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