Holiday Rugs Gift Guide

The weather has cooled down again. Soon, the season of gift-giving, merrymaking, and resting will arrive. We could all use that right now. You’re likely looking for some new decor as you prepare for the socially distant holiday season. It will set the mood and add warmth to those cold winter months. Our holiday rug gift guide will help you find the perfect gift or buy something for yourself.

White and Silver Holiday Glam Rugs

Whites and silvers are timeless. Consider a white rug for the holidays. This season, our glam collection will bring a luxurious atmosphere to your home.

Oregon Collection

The Oregon Collection features subtle geometric and medallion patterns in soothing gray and ivory tones. The lightly distressed finish keeps the look casual without sacrificing the upscale feel.

Marilyn Monroe Collections

Marilyn Monroe’s glamorous style is reflected in our Marilyn Monroe Collections. The Marilyn Monroe Glam Trellis Rug is accented with shimmering silver detailing that will attract the attention of anyone passing by.

The Marilyn Monroe Shag Collection includes some of the most luxurious and coziest rugs we have. The white Marilyn Monroe Shag brings the beauty of newly fallen snow inside (while also being warmer!) Gray shags, on the contrary, offer a neutral base that will look great even after the winter season is over.

Legacy Collection

The Legacy Collection is a vintage-inspired collection that has a timeless appeal. The geometric medallions are distressed in silver and gray tones that look fantastic all year round.

Rugs in Festive Colors

You might prefer a more bold look. While most people gravitate towards subdued tones this season, some may like a more vibrant color scheme. Rugs in reds and greens will brighten your home during the winter months.

Kasbah Trellis Collection

Traditional Moroccan lattice patterns inspire the Kasbah Trellis Collection but has been updated to reflect modern tastes. It features striking geometric designs with bright, bold colors. These red and white rugs evoke candy canes, Santa suits, and the holiday spirit that goes with them.

Moroccan Rugs

Consider a hand-knotted Moroccan carpet for a sophisticated yet festive look. Each Moroccan rug is unique with its designs and colors. It also comes in a range of sizes.

Ultra Vintage Collection

This collection is full of beautiful hand-knotted rugs that have been upcycled and reborn through an overdying process. This collection features gorgeous hand-knotted carpets that have been upcycled through an overlying technique. The traditional patterns are rendered in vibrant, modern colors.

Deck the Halls With Holiday Runner Rugs

Winter months are often a time when we spend more time at home. It’s always nice to have something between you and your cool floor, even if you are only passing through the space briefly, like hallways and entrances. The holiday runner rugs will do the trick. These long, flexible rugs are perfect for a variety of spaces, including those where larger-area rugs won’t fit. They can add color and design to any corner of your house.

A runner placed in the entryway will welcome guests with open arms and help keep snow and mud from tracking through your home.

Kitchen runners are a great help for those long cooking sessions.

Christmas Rugs for Your Home

It’s the best time to buy a new carpet since we will all be spending more time at our homes during this holiday season. We have the right rug for you, whether you’re looking to create the perfect space for Christmas morning to open gifts, warm up your dining area for a holiday meal, or brighten the new home of a friend. Our collection includes thousands of rugs in hundreds of different styles. There is something for everyone. Visit our rug-buying guide to get more ideas.

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