Home and Garden Insurance

Your house is your home. You want everything to be as beautiful and as personal as possible. You invest in a luxurious bath and hire a gardener to design your garden.

Many people forget that they want their homes to be beautiful as well as attractive. This does not just mean regular maintenance. What should you do if your home is burglarized or a fire breaks out? What if someone breaks a piece of furniture in your home? What if you are held liable if someone gets hurt in your house?

These risks are often not thought through, but they become a reality each day, regardless of how small the chances may appear! Here are the most important policies.

Home Insurance

You are protected by home insurance against damages caused by a fire or any other incident that may cause damage to your house. Home insurance is also called home insurance because it reimburses damages to your house. External causes cover damage, so you can’t do anything to fix it.

It would be best if you had your home appraised by a professional insurance agent. It is related to rebuild value. The rebuild value is how much money it will take to rebuild a house. You will have damage if you insure below the rebuild value. You should ensure that your home insurance covers the full cost of a rebuild.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is another very important policy. You would not like someone to trip over a piece in your garden and break a leg. Your dog may bite someone, causing injury. You will be held liable if he hires an expert in personal injuries, such as an individual injuries lawyer, Utrecht, or a letselschade advocate, Utrecht.

A dog bite or a fall on your property can make you liable. You must then compensate the victim for any damages they have suffered. These injuries can be severe. Take, for instance, the situation where the injured person is unable to work due to the accident. You can also include all the medical expenses incurred, such as hospital fees, physiotherapists, and psychologists. Injury damages can be very high!

Good liability insurance will save you from having to pay the damages yourself. The insurer will cover this damage. You can send the liability statement directly to the insurer if a personal injuries lawyer, such as a personal injuries lawyer in The Hague Letselschade Advocaat Den Haag, reports to you.


Enjoy your beautiful home and all its amenities, including the bathroom, kitchen, and garden, to the fullest. But make sure that you’re properly insured for the risks of owning a home. You can then be sure to enjoy your palace in the future.

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