How to Choose the Right Rug Pad

A good rug pad can significantly impact the comfort of your home. Sisal Rugs Direct will help you choose the right rug pad for your home.

A rug pad transforms a carpet in the same way that a new rug transforms a room.

When paired with your favorite natural fiber rug, the right rug pad can provide a more comfortable experience and reduce slips and accidents. A well-chosen place offers more than just comfort and safety. You can avoid damaging your rug by putting heavy furniture on top of them. The wigs they use will last longer, and you can keep your favorite ones for a long time.

It’s one thing to know how vital a rug pad is, but it’s another to choose the right one. We’ll show you how to choose the best rug pad for your house.

Decide what size you require

The benefits of a rug pad that is too big or too small will not be as listed in the introduction. It’s essential to measure your rug before choosing a place. Your rug pad should be a little smaller than the rug. This will make it easier for your carpet to seal to the floor and reduce tripping.

Generally, it would be best to leave a quarter to a half-inch of space on the pad’s perimeter. Most places will come in standard sizes, but you can easily find custom-sized places to fit your area rugs.

Now, you can choose the type of rug pad that you prefer

The options for rug pads are limited, but this doesn’t mean you can’t choose. Rug pads come in three types: PVC (plastic), felt, and rubber. There are also combinations of these materials, but they are less common.

Rug pads made of felt work best in homes that prioritize comfort. There is no softer rug pad than felt, known for absorbing pressure without damage.

The rubber rug pads are less supple than felt, but they better keep the rugs in place. The surface is slightly sticky and adheres to the flooring and the carpet they are placed under. These pads are also much more low-profile than felt pads. This can be important to some.

The most affordable rug pads are made of PVC, but they can also be problematic. Rug pads made of PVC, which is an unnatural substance, can discolor any hardwood that they are placed on. Use a felt-rubber (our premium pad), which is reversible and can be used on carpet or hard surfaces.

What else should I know before purchasing a rug pad

Yes! The most critical purchasing factor is learning how to measure a place and which types of places are available. There are a few other things to keep in mind:

Rug pads will wear out over time. Rug pads can increase the life of your area rugs. However, they are expensive. Be prepared to replace your rug pad every few years. It’s easy to know when you need a new rug pad by changing it every time your rugs are professionally cleaned.

Consider the type of flooring when choosing a pad. You must select places with the best grip if your area rug rests on hardwood, linoleum, or other hard surfaces. If you’re laying your area rug on top of carpet or another type of linen, then cushioning and comfort are more important.

Rug pads are a significant investment. They increase the life of your rug, make it more comfortable underfoot, and offer many other benefits. Browse Sisal Rug Direct’s online catalog to find a variety of natural fiber rugs as well as the accompanying pad.

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