Questions to Ask When Choosing a New Living Room Area Rug

Choose the ideal living room area rug for your home by asking yourself (and answering) these six essential design and lifestyle questions first.

We live in living rooms. They’re called living rooms for a reason: we live a lot of our lives in them. Sitting on the couch, reading in the chair, entertaining, playing games on the coffee table, rolling around on the floor, having dance parties in front of the TV. Whatever you do in your living room is an essential and integral part of your home and deserves to be treated that way.

Long story short: our living rooms are essential. That makes the furniture and decor we put in them necessary, too.

If you’re in the market for new living room decor and are wondering how to choose the right rug for an integral part of your home, then you’re in the right place. To make the purchasing process more accessible, we’ve broken down what we consider to be the six most essential questions to ask yourself before committing to any new living room rug purchase.

What is the function of my living room

The first question you need to ask yourself during this process is the most important: How does my living room function? Is your living room a showplace where you want to focus on luxury and appearance over part?

Alternately, is your living room a hub for your home, featuring a lot of seating, tables, and regular use? Do you plan on entertaining in this space? Do you plan on letting your children have free reign?

Determine how you want your living room to function first so you can answer the other questions in this post (and find your ideal area rug) far more quickly. How you live will guide you to the best carpet for your space.

How busy is my living room

Not all living rooms are built the same. As mentioned in the previous question, some living rooms are showplaces while others are home hubs. How busy your living room is will determine how much foot traffic any rug you choose will have to stand up to.

Do you have many children running in and out of the room randomly? The busier your living room, the more durable you will want the fibers of the rug you choose to be.

For example, if you have a hectic lifestyle, we recommend focusing your search on sisal rugs. They have solid fibers and are free from chemical processing, which is suitable for families. Wool is also durable and long-lasting but at a higher price point for its exceptional softness and luxury.

What is my design aesthetic

Determining your design aesthetic can be hard work. Taking time to learn and know what you like before purchasing new home furniture or decor can save you a lot of hassle. It’ll help you avoid buying things you don’t use and only spending your money on the stuff you love.

How can you figure out what your unique design aesthetic is? Try these things:

Read interior design blogs and save images or posts that speak to you.

Create mood boards where you add some of these images and start curating a collection of visual elements you like most. You can do this easily online using a website like Pinterest.

Speak to professional interior designers or salespeople at the places selling things you like. There’s nothing like expertise coming directly from the expert.

What size rug am I looking for

Your living room’s existing size and shape will play a role in exactly which rug size you choose. The most frequent non-custom rug sizes for living rooms are 5 feet by 8 feet, 8 feet by 10 feet, and 9 feet by 12 feet. Measure your space and choose accordingly, but don’t forget that many rug retailers, Sisal Rugs Direct included, offer custom sizing options.

How will I keep this rug looking new

If you’re putting this much effort into finding the perfect area rug for your living room, you will want to ensure your chosen carpet lasts. Knowing how you’ll care for your carpet before purchasing it means you’re already miles ahead of the average rug purchaser.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind for anyone wanting to prolong the life of their rugs, new or otherwise:

Always use rug pads to add cushioning and stability to any rug. They’ll help less direct wear affect your carpet, extending its life and usability. Plus, they make any rug they’re beneath cushier, and who doesn’t like that?

Make sure to have spot cleaner before big spills happen instead of after. We have plenty of rug fiber-specific cleaning guides listed here for easy reference

Do I have any unique needs to consider

You’re you, and nobody knows you better than you do. That said, something we haven’t mentioned here might be unique to you but still significant when choosing a new rug.

If you have sensory processing problems, look for companies that can send samples in the mail that allow you to feel and experience a rug fiber before making a purchase. If you are an avid drinker of red wine, you might want to look for rug materials that are the most stain-resistant and easy to wash. Be true to yourself and your needs when purchasing, and you’ll always end up with a product that makes you joyful.

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