How to coordinate rug color with your flooring

The two go together like peanuts and jelly. However, there are some things you should know to make the right statement.

A room’s look can be completely transformed by adding an area rug. The rug color and the flooring color work together to control focus in the room. The rug and flooring color will either be the focus of the space or give other items in the room a chance to shine. How to pair your rug with your flooring for a dramatic change in the look of your room:

Highlight other parts of the room

When the rug and the floor have similar colors, they blend in together and draw attention to other parts of the room. You want to choose a carpet that will not distract from your main design feature, whether it’s designer furniture, wall art, or the floor. Consider rugs in similar colors, such as khaki or Mayan tan, for light-colored wood or tile floors. If you have dark floors, choose carpets that are ebony or Turkish coffee.

Make your Rug and Floor Stand out

Choose a rug color that contrasts with the flooring if you want to make it the focal point of your room. Rugs and flooring that contrast will make the carpet stand out. The flooring’s details will also stand out, highlighting the wood grain or tile pattern.

Add a Splash of Contrast

If you’re feeling daring, try layering a Sante Fe Diamond Sisal in Indigo with a Mallorca in Marine. You can even layer a Sante Fe Diamond Sisal Indigo over a Mallorca Marine if you are feeling adventurous. But no rule says your rugs must be the same number or have the same pattern or color. The boldness of a rug’s colors and patterns can make a statement in a neutral room.

How to Size Your Rug for Effectiveness

Oh my, what a variety of carpets and runners there are! The effect you want to achieve will determine which one you choose. The beauty of wall-to-wall carpeting is that it covers up the flooring underneath. This is a great solution for floors that are permanently stained or damaged. Rugs and runners are a great way to show off the warmth of a wooden floor while also increasing the size of the space. The smaller rugs can also be used to define areas in an open-plan home.

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