How to Decorate a Perfect Nursery on a Limited Budget

A nursery should be functional, beautiful, and not overly expensive. It cannot be easy to decorate a nursery within a budget, especially when you are deciding what items should take priority. We’ve compiled five of our favorite nursery ideas that are on a tight budget to help you get started.

Ideas to Decorate a Nursery On a Budget

Select a Colour Theme

It’s not easy to choose a theme for your nursery, especially if you are trying to find the best way to decorate it on a tight budget. Tons of inspiring interior design ideas are available on social media. Asking where specific items were purchased by social media users who have inspired you for your nursery’s theme is a great way to get ideas. Setting a theme, or even a color palette, can help you develop ideas for your nursery decor.

To start decorating your nursery on a tight budget, think of the room as a blank slate. It can be expensive and difficult to paint a nursery. A white nursery theme is timeless, unisex, and will not age with your child.

It will not only make your nursery appear brighter, but you won’t have to worry about painting and re-painting in a few short years. You can easily add color with drawer knobs in different colors or wall stickers. Polka dot wall decals are popular for adding a monochrome or multicolored touch.

Why not choose themes from your childhood if a white-and-color theme isn’t what you want? For a modern twist, consider what your family enjoys doing. If you are a traveler or adventurer, you can use this theme to incorporate the many destinations you have visited. Maps, planes, incredible photographs – there are so many ideas for such a theme!

Furniture Selection

New furniture is always expensive when it comes to decorating your nursery on a tight budget. You’ll need to consider a variety of pieces of furniture depending on your nursery size and shape. These include a cot and changing table as well as wardrobes, storage, and perhaps a nursing seat. It’s important to determine which pieces are necessary. For example, would a portable mat save space and money?

Why not look for used furniture to save money and be environmentally friendly? Many local buy-and-sell groups or parent groups on Facebook and other social media will offer furniture at significantly reduced prices. Our biggest budget tip is to look for second-hand furniture. Parents know that other parents are on a tight budget and will do anything to make their nursery look beautiful. We recommend that you check the cot’s safety standards before buying it second-hand.

Do not worry if your second-hand nursery furniture does not match your vision. It is easy to upcycle furniture. Use the same color theme and paint type to make mismatched furniture look like it’s part of a collection. Add decorative pillows or a small rug to soften dark wooden furniture in a nursery. Use crystal drawer knobs and gloss paint to make your furniture appear more expensive. But be careful of fingerprints!

Storage Is Key

Babies need an amazing number of items – clothing, diapers, toys, travel gear, books, and so on. To save money in the long run, it is best to buy storage pieces that are easily re-purposed for other purposes. Look at the items you have to see if any of them can be used for your nursery. You may already have open storage containers or baskets around the house that can be used to store almost anything in your nursery.

Wardrobes are often bulky and heavy, taking up a large amount of space. Instead, we recommend using an extendable clothes rack as one of our favorite nursery ideas. You can display and hang your baby’s clothing on them. This will not only give you more space for your child to play but also save you time getting them ready.

A wall shelf is a great way to conceal clutter and store items. They can be especially useful if they are placed above the changing station, so you have easy access to all of your changing gear. The shelves are versatile and can be used for decorative items, books, or collectibles as your child grows older.

Wall Art

Buying wall art is often quite costly. Don’t worry! Wall art is one of those items that you can easily DIY to decorate your home on a budget. Here’s your chance to be creative! You love the wall art, but it’s too expensive. What do you have around your house that could be used to achieve the desired effect? DIY can be therapeutic, and you don’t need to be a talented artist to create your piece of custom art. Add some fun to your nursery with wall art. After you have painted, sewed, or drawn the design of your choice, you can choose from a variety of affordable frames.

Stock images can be found online. You can print them out in color or black-and-white and then frame them. This is not only budget-friendly but also offers hundreds of free nursery pictures of animals, farm scenes, flowers, and hot air balls, to name a couple of possibilities.

Printing out your photos in black and white or color and framing them is another option for wall art. These frames could be arranged in a pattern to spell out words or create a picture gallery. Print these images or photos in any size you want. This is one of the best budget-friendly nursery ideas because each picture will be sentimental.

Consider if you want to have all the images in a similar size frame or if you’d like a few bigger ones that stand out. Don’t forget that wall stickers can be a cheaper alternative to paint and a way to add color.

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