How to make a student house a home

There’s no denying that student accommodation is not the most comfortable and homely of places. The term student housing is used. Digs, After all. Student life is not easy. You want to relax and rejuvenate after all the lectures, seminars, and exams. A zen, if you will. With a few thoughtful additions, you can easily and quickly improve your student house and bring it to life. Check out these seven ways to transform a student home into a home if you need some inspiration.

1. Furnishings

You can easily and quickly make your student home feel like home by adding some cozy and well-placed furnishings. Coming home to a bright, cheerful, and comfy cushion will help you relax after a hard day of studying. They are a great way to introduce color and pattern into your student’s home. Even better, they don’t cost a lot – student favorites like Primark. You can get a wide selection for a low price! Throws are an inexpensive way to add elegance to your student’s home and increase comfort.

2. Lighting is Everything

A great student house decoration comes in the form of lighting. Spaces can be transformed with a few tasteful fairy lights here and there, and the beauty of fairy lights is that they are so affordable, aka student-friendly. Ambient lighting can make your student’s home feel cozy, inviting, and extremely homey. Most high street shops sell various indoor lights, but online lighting companies can also often offer fantastic prices that rival high street. Hanging a few fairy lights across the top of your bed, around a mirror, on top of a wardrobe, and even above a mantlepiece can add a lovely touch.

3. Rugs

Another great student house decoration is a rug. Rugs are doubly beneficial; not only do they look fantastic, but they can also add some great warmth. This is perfect for student accommodation that can often be draughty or for students who can’t quite justify paying to put the heating on! Have a Browse through some online rugs. Choose one that you think will look good in your student house. You can decorate your home with a pattern, such as an elegant and stylish Persian rug, Or perhaps a Modern Pattern. This is a bold and beautiful statement. Alternatively, Sheepskin Rugs provide maximum comfort! It doesn’t cost a lot to invest in a new rug. They can be a great addition to a room and are well worth it. This rug is great to use in your next home!

4. Personalisation

Nowhere feels like home if it doesn’t have a few friendly reminders. Photographs are a great way of making your student accommodation homey! With a little online research, you’ll discover that many online photo printing websites offer free photos that you only have to pay P&P for. In terms of photo frames, you can find many reasonably priced ones at home stores or, again, online. A cheap way of sprucing up a wall is investing in a few different basic photo frames of various sizes and creating a collage. But be careful if you’re thinking about putting things on your walls – some landlords don’t want you to put up anything that will remain visible or leave a mark. Check your tenancy agreement and see what the situation is first.

5. Stores

There never seems to be enough storage space in student housing. Extra storage is a great student house design tip that will always come in handy and help you stay organized. When you think of storage, you might think it’s boring, but actually, there are so many funky storage solutions that add to the décor of your house.

6. House plants

House plants are a huge trend at the moment, and for good reason. Cheap and cheerful, small house plants can freshen up your student house and add some life to it! These don’t have to be high maintenance; even some cacti can be a good addition to your house if you don’t trust yourself to look after anything else.

7. Scented Candles & Reed Diffusers

Whether you go for the former or the latter might depend on your fire safety capabilities! But the truth is that many student houses don’t smell great… years of students, cooking faux pas, piles of dirty dishes, and too many parties often result in a foisty smell that doesn’t exactly remind you of home. Reed diffusers are a brilliant way of masking this ‘student’ smell and freshening up your house to make it feel much more like home. With these seven ways to make a student house a home, your house will be transformed into a space you can’t wait to retreat to on an evening! With a few touches here and there in terms of furnishings, rugs, lighting, storage, and more, you can spruce up your student house and turn it into a sanctuary it certainly wasn’t before!

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