The timeless rugs that never go out of style

Interior design trends change constantly. In the world of rugs however, traditional styles of rugs have stood the test of time. Traditional designs can add style and luxury to any room when styled correctly. This guide will help you choose timeless rugs to ensure that they are on trend and last a long time.

Persian Influences

Persian rugs The original designs date back to 2,500 years. Over the years, there have been many changes in design, colour and weaving techniques, but Persian patterns have always made their way into trendy and desirable rugs. Oriental rugs are popular because of their warm and rich colours, which are incorporated in beautiful textures. Persian rugs are known for their timeless appeal because of the vibrant colors and designs that represent each culture. Persian rugs are expensive and often handed down through generations. Modern rugs are replicating the Persian look at a more affordable price to let more people add a touch to their interiors. Many of these modern Persian-style rugs use a polypropylene thread that is durable and long-lasting. Quality and style are not compromised for a cheaper price. Although traditional, colourful, and intricate Persian designs remain to be extremely stylish rugs, various adaptations have brought them up to speed with the 21st Century. Rugs that appear distressed and worn have become extremely fashionable, and contemporary rugs have cleverly incorporated these styles into new Persian-style rugs. Incorporating the intricate Persian patterns that we know and love, these new and trendy rugs have been adapted to include contemporary and subtle colour tones. These colours, combined with a distressed appearance, result in extremely chic and timeless rugs. Our Blayden You can also find out more about the following: Christchurch Rugs are perfect examples! How can these timeless rugs be incorporated into a contemporary home? It’s much easier than you might think. Traditional Persian designs add colour and warmth to minimalistic, neutral spaces. Persian rugs that are distressed and contemporary can also add a touch of opulence. Just Check out our HTML0 guide How to fit a traditional rug into a modern room!

Tribal Trends

Tribal designs have long been influencing timeless and stylish textiles, including wonderful trendy rugs. Tribal rugs are known for their vibrant colour and pattern, as well as their wonderful texture. It’s this luxurious style and the rich history that comes with it that has helped these designs to withstand ever-changing trends. Much like lavish Persian rugs, original tribal rugs are bold and beautiful. With odes to traditional culture and skilled craftmanship, these rugs are associated with timeless luxury and chic. Investing in a tribal rug can often uplift a room, warming it up and jazzing It’s up to you! Tribal influences are not limited to the traditional patterns that are often associated with tribal fashion. According to, many contemporary and fashionable designs have their origins in tribal patterns, including the diamond-shaped pattern, which is extremely trendy and dubbed the “rug of the year”. Daily Mail . Geometric patterns are very popular in modern interior design. Through these subtle tribal features, style-conscious individuals can incorporate tribal designs into their home in a much subtler way. This allows a tribal-inspired rug to blend seamlessly into the modern home. Such designs are extremely enduring and chic, so we can’t imagine them going out of fashion any time soon. Many modern and stylish tribal rugs also incorporate colour palettes that are neutral, contemporary, and extremely versatile. Greys and creams are particularly favoured as they can introduce just the right amount of pattern and colour without being too overpowering. If you’re looking to invest in a rug that is going to remain timeless and in fashion for a long time, tribal rugs are a safe and stylish option. They have already withstood the test of time, having survived style changes for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Our Aysgarth shaggy rug This rug is a perfect example of modern rug that incorporates tribal shapes. Harrogate Tribal Rug It is more intricate and detailed. Both look great in modern or traditional interiors.

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