Three Hard Wearing Rugs We Promise Won’t Get Ruined

You want your new rug to last. After all the time spent umming and ahhing about the perfect carpet, you don’t want to repeat this process in a few short years. Our rugs are all made to last, but some are harder to wear than others. You can use your rug and enjoy it without worrying if it is durable enough to meet the demands you place on it. This article will show you three rugs that we guarantee won’t be damaged.

Situations where Hardwearing Rugs are Required

The location of the rug will determine how durable it needs to be. For example, hallway rugs will need to withstand a lot of foot traffic and need to be stable. Rugs placed in the kitchen must also be able to handle spillages. Consider how often your rug will be used and where it is to go!

Tribal Wool Rug

Our beautiful, hardwearing rugs come in a tribal pattern. Our tribal wool rug is not only functional but also beautiful. For centuries, wool has been used to make rugs. Wool is the best rug material for durability and longevity. Wool rugs are known to last for up to 50 years. That’s what you call durability. Wool is also resistant to flames.

The pile of the rug is also relatively short, making it easy to clean and durable. This rug’s pile is fairly straightforward, making it easy to clean and durable. The tribal pattern is also always in style – check out our article on timeless designs that will never go out of fashion.

Padstow Rug

The durability of a rug depends not only on the material but also on the construction. Hand-loomed, our Padstow Rug is dense and durable. This density makes the carpet more durable than a hairy one. There are nine colors to choose from. These rugs are made of stable and natural wool. However, they have been dyed in both neutral and vibrant colors. Padstow is a durable rug that can be used as a hallway runner.

Wool can fade over time if it is exposed to direct sunlight. Keep your brightly colored wool rug out of the sun!

Kitchen Rugs

A flatweave kitchen rug is the most durable option. These rugs are very durable and flat. This makes them ideal for balancing dishes and glasses without tripping. Our flatweave check rug is not only practical but can also blend into any space. This artificial fiber is made from polypropylene, which has been treated to resist spills and stains. You can choose between five different colors. A flat rug will be easier to clean and wipe in the kitchen than a hairy one.

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