How to prevent an area rug from bunching up on the carpet (the Easy Way)

How to prevent an area rug from bunching on the carpet

The right rug can make a room come alive. If it bunches up, it can quickly turn from a showpiece to an eyesore and tripping danger.

This article will show how to prevent an area rug from sticking to the carpet. It’s also cheaper and easier than you might think.

Why you should use a rug pad for carpet

A non-skid rug pad is a must-have for any area rug you place on the carpet.

You know how difficult it can be to keep a rug smooth when placed under heavy furniture. It doesn’t matter how often you lift the couch or coffee table to straighten the rug in the living room.

This is where a non-slip pad comes in handy. It will keep your room looking stylish and you sane.

If you don’t use a non-skid pad, your rug will slide on the carpet underneath and cause a serious trip hazard. Your rug will also be constantly pushed and pulled, requiring you to rearrange it every time you pass.

What is the solution?

Use a pad to anchor your throw rug on the carpet. This will make it safer and stop it from moving around.

A non-skid mat will absorb the impact from each step on your rug. This will reduce the strain placed on its fibers, extending the lifespan of a rug.

A rug pad protects the carpet beneath your area rug against dye transfer, wear and tear, and fading. The pad will also prevent dust and dirt from building up, making it easier to vacuum underneath your rug.

Rug pads can also provide a little extra insulation, which is great for living rooms that you’d like to keep warm. The padding creates a barrier that keeps you from the cold subfloor.

A rug pad is last but not least. It provides a luxurious cushioning layer that makes any rug a dream to walk on.

Double-sided carpet adhesives are not the same as double-sided carpeting tape…

This, by the way, tends to leave behind a sticky residue that ruins your carpet and rug.

Know before you buy

Not all rug pads are the same. While some rug pads may seem cheap at first, they can damage your carpets and rugs over time. While buying the cheapest rug pads might save you some money upfront, they could end up costing you hundreds, or even thousands, down the road.

Here’s why:

A felt backing is found on any quality non-slip pads designed for carpet. This will grip your carpet firmly without damaging it.

You’ll also find PVC and plastic rug pads coated with adhesives that will enhance their grip, literally sticking to the floor.

The adhesive will wear off, and the carpet or rug will stop working.

As if that weren’t bad enough, some adhesives found in cheap rug pads (such as synthetic latex, which contains styrene) contain¬†known carcinogens. It’s not ideal for something that you and your family will be walking on daily.

Choose a rug pad that is made from quality materials. A cheap pad can not only cost you more money in the end, but it could also be harmful to your health.

How to fix an area rug over a carpet

It is easy to secure a rug over a carpet by placing a high-quality area rug pad beneath it.

Choose a rug pad that is designed for carpets. It will have a felt backing with strong fibers that hook into the carpet pile to hold your rug in position.

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