Is a rug pad essential for my braided rug

Braided rugs were the first “upcycled decor” stars. Inspired by indigenous weaving methods, they were created first in Colonial America from leftover fabric scraps from old clothes, textiles and sewing projects. The eclectic and unique look of these floors brought color and warmth to hardwood floors while being eco-friendly.

Since colonial times, braided rugs are a far cry from the rugs that adorned the floors of cabins. Braided area rugs are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and materials that suit a wide variety of styles.

Choose from Modern Farmhouse or Classic Americana to add a new dimension to your home with braided rugs in an ombre effect of a single color. Or, opt for a mix of bohemian colors.

You’ll want to make sure that your braided rug stays in pristine condition for many years. Use a rug pad of high quality to prevent your rug from bunching, sliding, or separating the stitches.

Why you should use a rug pad with a braided carpet

The smooth backing of your braided rug will not adhere to the existing flooring. When placed on hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring, natural and synthetic fibers may cause a slippery surface.

Rug pads help rugs adhere to existing flooring. Rug pads are a great way to protect your rug from bunching, slippage and provide additional padding.

Braided carpets come in many shapes, and they can be used to enhance any room of your home.

Add A Touch Of Cozy To Your Country Kitchen With Braided Runner

The large braided rectangular rug can anchor your living room

Braided small rugs are a low-maintenance way to add color and interest to your entryway or mudroom.

Use a large braided rug to protect your dining room floor from heavy furniture

Improve Your Reading Nook with a Circular Braided rug

Braided rugs, even with a large pattern of braids, need a rug pad that is non-slip because they do not have a rubber backing.

A good rug pad will also prolong the life of your carpet. Braided rugs, being long textile ropes that are stitched together, are susceptible to bunching or curling. This can be an eye sore in your home decor.

The area rug pad holds the rows of intricate stitches in place and extends the life span of your braided rugs.

Rug pads are required by many braided rug makers to validate their stitching warranty. If you don’t use a good rug pad, it may be difficult to get a warranty from the manufacturer.

Choose the right rug pad to protect your flooring.

The best rug pads are those that fit braided rugs

Rug pads come in many varieties, but they are not all suitable for braided carpets.

Braided rugs are usually cushioned, so they do not require a thick memory foam rug pad like a rug with a lower profile. Plush braided rug pads that are waterproof will not allow your rug to dry properly, creating mildew and ruining it.

Here are some of the best rug pads to prevent your braided rug slipping. They will also prevent wear and tear.

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