How to protect your rug from your pet

The affection and unintentionally humorous behaviors that pets display bring joy into the home. Along with their funny antics, they can cause a little destruction. They can tear soft surfaces with their teeth and claws. They can bring all the dirt that you don’t want in because they play outside. Even when young, they may do their business in inappropriate places. All of this can spell disaster for a rug. It can be helpful to take defensive measures if you want to keep your rug and pet under the same roof. Here’s how you can protect your rug against your pet.

Trim your pet’s nails.

Long, sharp nails can be a major culprit when it comes to tearing apart rugs. Even if they are not scratching the carpet, the nails of your pet can catch strands. This can cause the pet to pull out sections of the rug, leaving it with uneven patches or fibers that are missing. You can reduce the likelihood of this happening by regularly trimming your pet’s nails. You should file their nails after you cut them to ensure there are no sharp edges.

Scotch Guard The Rug

Applying a scotchguard directly to the surface of your rug will protect it. Scotch Guard is available as a spray that will maintain the shape of the threads and make your rug stain-resistant. You can have a professional spray it to ensure that the entire area is covered. If you try to do it yourself, your rug may have an Achilles heel where you missed one spot. It will be more difficult to remove stains if your pet has an accident or leaves a stain. It could spread under the scotch-guarded piles where you will not be able to clean it properly.

You Should Have an Entryway Defence

Pets can track dirt, mud, or other debris onto your rug when they return from outside. Put a mat at the entrance to your home so that it can catch any dirt or debris as soon as your pet enters. You can also keep a towel near the door to clean your pet if necessary. This little effort will make a huge difference in how clean your rug is after your pet has been outside.

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