What to Look for When Choosing an Area Rug

Area Rugs play a vital role in home decor because they can upgrade space and make it more interesting. Place a rug under some furniture to make the interior design stand out or work together better. You should choose an area carpet that coordinates with your décor. This is because it can change the look of the room or make it more interesting. Take into consideration these factors when selecting an area rug to be placed in the living room or any other space.

Find the right place.

It can be not easy to choose the right rug size for your room. It should be the right size for the space in which it will be placed. The rug should be large enough to accommodate all the furniture you want to put on top. The size and placement of furniture and rugs can determine the effectiveness of a room.

The rug in the living room should cover the floor under your coffee table and extend at least up to the legs of any armchairs and sofas. A dining room rug must cover the area where the table, chairs, and other furniture are placed, even if the chairs have been pulled out. The carpet can appear awkward if it is not large enough to cover the table and chairs it sits beneath. A carpet of the right size can make a room look larger and more cohesive.

The most common mistake people make when buying rugs is getting one that’s way too small. A rug that takes up only a small portion of the floor will divide the room’s space and make it seem smaller. When placing rugs with furniture, choose a rug that has a large area and will extend past the edge of any furniture centered on it. The rug’s length should not be longer than the smallest wall in the room. Boutique Rugs offers a wide range of sizes for your room, from small carpets to large carpets.

Proper Area Rug Placement

Area rugs complete the furniture and bring attention to the entire ensemble. It would be best if you didn’t buy a small rug to place it next to your furniture or under a single piece. This will divide the viewer’s attention between the carpet and other furniture, creating an unorganized vibe. A small rug placed on one side can also alter the proportions. If you want to have a carpet that you can step on when you get up from bed, don’t put a small one right next to it. This will end up looking more like a strange mat. Use one large rug instead of matching rugs to cover the bed, as well as some of the surrounding areas.

The Harmony of Color

The color of a rug can be just as important as the size. What color would suit the room best? You could use a brighter color as a contrast if your furniture and walls are neutral. Rugs in multiple colors can also add visual interest. A carpet with a subtler color would be better for a louder room. It could be a matter of choosing a rug with slight color and sticking to ONE block coloration instead of combining many.

The Balance of Pattern

The pattern of a rug should be in harmony with your home’s style. You can choose a traditional design, a mid-century modern design, or a bold, muted pattern, depending on your aesthetic. Rugs with intricate patterns will look great on old-fashioned furniture. Geometric designs work well for smooth surfaces and clean lines. Refer to photos of different room designs to see how the pattern will look.

Consider how a rug’s pattern will interact with your furniture to make it feel more luxurious. You don’t want your rug to lose its appeal if it has a unique design. You can enhance the look of your rug by placing transparent furniture, like a glass table with thin wire frames. You can block out parts of the carpet if it has a repetitive pattern.

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