How to sell your house faster with interior design tips

You’ve probably been amazed by the perfection of a home renovation program or show home. The interior design is strategically used, and everything is set up with purpose, making it easy to imagine living in the house. It can be overwhelming to stage a home for an upcoming sale. Start by browsing show homes or online inspiration, such as Pinterest. The key to a quick sale is to know how to make your house more appealing to potential buyers. If you want to sell your home quickly, then follow these ten tips. Potential buyers will be left with a dream of living in your home.

Revise Your Lighting

Lighting can transform any space, but if it is not done correctly, it can ruin even the most stylish of rooms. When it comes to lighting your home, a little planning and strategy can go a long way.

Start by examining the bulbs you currently use. Are they harsh and cold or soft and atmospheric? The lighting should be layered – base lighting is the overhead light, and accent lighting through lamps or accent lights for depth and mood. Warm lighting (yellow tones), which is often associated with relaxation and coziness, can be a good way to energize yourself. Avoid fluorescent lighting that is harsh and bright, as this can make a room look clinical.

You can decide the mood of each room by looking at the lights. Choose cool, soft bulbs to replicate natural light during the day and warm, gentle bulbs for desk and floor lamps in the evening.

Clean and Clear

Give your home a thorough cleaning from top to bottom before a viewing. If you are short on time, read our blog post. You can read our article on Spring cleaning your home in one day if you’re short on time. Check for mold in bathroom or kitchen sealants, as no one wants to live in damp conditions! While you’re at it, change any old bath mats or shower curtains. Make sure to ventilate the room after cleaning. Bedding, cushions, curtains, and other washable soft furnishing should be washed. Also, remove any pet gear or smelly shoes. Consult our Rug Cleaning Guide if your carpets and rugs are in need of a good cleaning. Open windows to remove musty odors.

Make Scents

Research shows that smell can influence our emotions and mood. Some scents are uplifting, while others can be depressing. Choose the right fragrance before you invite prospective buyers to your home.

Experts suggest scents that are associated with cleanliness. Avoid complex fragrances that could confuse viewers and choose simple scents like citrus, basil, cedar, or vanilla. Candles are a great way to diffuse scents throughout your home and create a sophisticated and luxurious feel. Try diffusing a few drops in an air diffuser. Be sure to diffuse the oils in a spacious, open area to avoid overwhelming your viewer.


It is important to consider textures and accessories when presenting your home. This will help you create a sense of lifestyle that will impress potential buyers. There’s no reason to spend a fortune with these cheap tricks. The interior design guide can help you achieve the perfect look for your home. Simple touches, such as stacking up some high-end magazines or arranging towels neatly and stylishly, can make a huge difference to the overall look of your home. A table runner, placemats, clean cutlery, and napkins on your dining room table can help guests imagine themselves living there.


Give up clutter by taking a page from Marie Kondo’s. This will not only make moving houses easier, but it will also change the feel of a home in a flash. Working room by room, use a bag to collect the rubbish and a donation box. Throw out expired foods, medicines, cosmetics, and items that are beyond repair. Take duplicates of your items – books, DVDs, and kitchen utensils – to a charity store.

You can either store the items neatly or in containers. After you declutter, you should be able to find a place for everything. If your prospective buyers are neat by nature, then they will feel at home. Less organized viewers will be motivated by how tidy you can make your house.

Neutrals and Nurture Flow

Visitors can imagine how they would personalize a neutral home. Now is the perfect time to replace your busy wallpaper with a soft, inviting shade. White walls can be harsh and dated. Instead, choose a neutral color like latte or greige. For a contemporary blank canvas, select mid-grey, latte or ‘greige,’ pale duck egg, stone, or muted mauve. You should also balance the colors throughout your home to create a seamless flow. Check that you haven’t made any of the seven rug errors. A fresh coat of white paint will refresh woodwork such as door frames, skirting boards, coving, and other wooden surfaces that have lost their luster. Remove family photos and other personal items to create a neutral atmosphere. This will allow potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the house.

New Life Sprout

If you remove personal pictures or accessories, your home may not look ‘lived-in.’ Add some color and interest with flowers or plants to combat the sterile atmosphere. Place a vase with fresh flowers on your dining table or dressing table. Succulents can add a Scandinavian touch to hallways or bathrooms, while larger indoor plants like Fiddle Leaf Figs bring life and energy to bedrooms and neutral spaces.

Make an Impression

According to research, first impressions can be made in as little as seven seconds. Your house only has seconds to make visitors feel comfortable and welcome. Focus on the outside of the house, including trimming hedges and lawns, taking care of plants, cleaning your porch, and placing a fresh doormat at the entrance. Buyers form opinions about your home before you even open the door. Please read our blog on decorating your hall for more tips to create a great first impression. You should also consider the season, the weather, and your viewers’ immediate requirements. In winter, for example, you want your prospective buyers to feel comfortable, so use these six steps to create a warm home.

Show Potential

Are there awkward or unutilized spaces in your home that you feel it would be a shame to leave unused? You can be more creative by looking at your house from a new perspective. Consider how you arrange your furniture and think of new ideas to make a space more spacious or to utilize a neglected area. Maybe a large windowsill can be transformed into a reading corner or window seat. Add vertical storage to your home or shelves beneath the stairs. Show off your home’s character by highlighting every area. After all, a neatly rearranged forgotten corner could seal the deal. Take inspiration from these three easy ways to refresh your bedroom for ideas on how you can reinvent rooms. Or, give your home a fresh new look with our Guide to Modernising a House on a Budget.

Final Inspection

Make sure you go through each room of the house on the day that you are viewing it. Make the beds and empty the bins. Remove and wash all cups and glasses in the bedrooms. Pull back the curtains and lift the blinds if the viewing takes place during the day. Draw curtains if the viewing takes place in the evening and adjust the lighting. Light scented candles half an hour before the buyers arrive, or turn on your diffuser so that the scents can fill your home. All doors should be left open to create fluidity in the home and keep it ventilated. Check that surfaces are clean and all surfaces, floors, bathrooms, magazines, and dusting are done. Your house’s interior will be able to speak for itself, and you will feel more relaxed during the entire selling process.

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