Choose the right rug shape for each room in your home

You have to choose the rug shape that will fit your room. This is in addition to selecting the right rug size and color. There are a lot of things to consider. It can be nerve-wracking to begin with. Our rug knowledge makes the whole process much easier. See our tips on selecting the right rug for your home.

Rug Shapes: General Rules

Rectangular Rugs are perfect for covering large spaces, as they can also fit into long and narrow areas.

Circular Rugs tend to be more informal and fun. Round rugs are best suited for smaller rooms or spaces that have a circular shape. However, there are exceptions.

Square Rugs are perfect for square rooms, and they match fair furniture such as coffee tables.

Foyer or Entrance Rugs

You can do a lot with a large, open foyer. There are so many possibilities! Circular rugs can be perfect, especially when there is a ceiling lamp directly above them. A large square rug can be used to fill in the space and make it look warm and inviting. You can also place a round table on top to add some variety! Your options will be more limited if your entrance is shaped more like a hallway. You should avoid placing a circular or rectangular rug horizontally, as it will create the illusion of a smaller space. Choose a rectangular and long rug instead to give your entrance some character. This rug will welcome you to the home and guide you down the hall.

Bay Window Rugs

A bay window is a beautiful feature that can add some lovely lighting to a room and provide useful floor space. A rug will look great in a bay window that is big enough to fit furniture, like a dining room table and chairs. A circular well will work beautifully in a bay, as they are usually curvy. Avoid choosing a rug too small, as it will break up the space. You don’t want anyone to fall off the edge if they push their chair forward. Measure the area and choose a rug that is large enough to fit the furniture and the room.

Rug Shapes to Fit a Large Seating Area

Every interior designer dreams of large sitting areas such as a lounge. You can create a very impressive space with so much space. What can you do with rugs, then? It is important to select a large carpet. You run the risk that your living room will look disjointed if you choose a small rug. Make the room cozy, and make sure it flows with a large rectangular rug. For the best effect, place the front legs of your couch on the carpet. A large circular rug will create a focal point in a space that is exceptionally wide. It works best when all your furniture fits comfortably on the carpet. The circular shape could be reflected by a circular footstool or coffee table in the middle of the rug. You can play around with a circular carpet even if your seating area is small. Instead of a large circular rug that will fit under all your furniture, opt for a smaller one with just a coffee table on top. This is a great way to add a unique touch to a rectangular space.

Rug Shapes For A Dining Room

Always choose your table and chairs first before choosing a rug. Knowing the size of the furniture will help you pick a rug that is large enough to accommodate the furniture. A rectangular carpet will work best with a rectangular table. If you have a round table, consider investing in a circle rug.

Rugs for the play area or bedroom of children

It’s always fun to choose a rug and create a design for a kid’s room or bedroom. You can be playful and creative when choosing rugs and rug shapes. Circular rugs can be more fun and casual than other shapes of rugs, so they are perfect for a child’s room. A rectangular carpet will fit between two beds in a shared bedroom for children. This rug adds warmth and helps to tie the room together.

Kitchen Rugs

kitchen rugs tend to look better in a rectangular form. The majority of kitchens have a rectangular shape, so a carpet in this shape will fill the space and complement it. Please keep it simple in the kitchen, as it is a busy space. Understanding your space and the furniture in it is the key to selecting the perfect rug for your home. There are some general guidelines to follow, but it depends on the furniture and space in your home.

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