How to Stop Your Rug Shedding

A beautiful, shaggy carpet can add a special touch to a room that you cannot get anywhere else. Rugs that shed constantly are a problem for many people. Rug shedding happens when fibers loosen, especially with natural fibers such as wool. How can you stop your rug shedding? Follow these simple steps to reduce the amount of fluff on your rug. Vacuuming

In an effort to reduce the amount of shedding, it can be tempting for you to use a variety of vacuum attachments. This may do more harm than good. The brush or beater attachment will only pull out the fibers more and make the shedding worse. Try adjusting the beater to barely touch the rug surface and changing the vacuum’s setting. Top Tip: Vacuum your rug first in a direction that is opposite to the pile. Then, vacuum it in the opposite direction. This helps to catch loose fibers and loosen dirt. Raking

Vacuuming is not the only way to stop your rug from shedding. Raking your rug may be a better alternative. Check out this blog to learn how you can purchase specialty rug rakes. A review of the top rug rakes. Use a rug rake to remove the fibers. Do this every week or more frequently if necessary. A clean pet brush or sweeper may also be effective, but avoid using any products that are harsh on the fibers. Placement

If you want to prevent your rug from shredding, your rug must be placed in an area with less traffic. Suppose you place your rug in an area that has high traffic (e.g. If there is a lot of activity and movement, it may increase the amount that sheds. Once the rug has stopped shedding, it can be moved. Pads

Using rug pads not only protects your rug from wear and tear, moisture, and slipping on wooden floors, but it also helps reduce rug shedding. Ideally, the padding should be about an inch less, both width and length, so the rug completely covers it.


Naturally, wool rugs with wool tufts appear on the surface. Refrain from pulling the tufts, as this can cause further damage to the fibers, resulting in a fuzzy appearance. Trim these tufts with a pair of sharp scissors, then wipe the surface clean to collect any loose fibers or balls. Smart Shopping

Poor-quality fibers shed more than good-quality fibers. Higher-quality rugs will usually be made with a “continuous filament,” which is a long fiber that doesn’t unravel or pull apart. These rugs are more expensive but worth the price because they shed less. The ‘ staple fiber’ rug has many short strands, which can cause excessive shedding. These rugs are usually cheaper but of lower quality, so they shed more. The rugs that relieve the most are those with lower quality. Shaggy carpets. You get what you paid for. These tips will help you stop your rug from flaking. Do not hesitate to contact us with any drug-related questions. Get in touch. We will be glad to help. You can also check out the rest of Our blog. For more interior design tips, click here.

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