Three of Our Favorite Pet-Friendly Rugs

Rugs and pets are often viewed as an unworkable combination. They’re destined for a life filled with turmoil and despair. This is certainly the case when you introduce your pet to a rug that is not pet-friendly. This can be avoided if you carefully select pet-friendly area rugs to meet your dog’s needs. Check out our three favorite pet-friendly rugs for a match that’s made in heaven.

What are pet-friendly Rugs?

We’ll start by defining what a pet-friendly rug is. Rugs that are pet-friendly must meet the following criteria:


Easy to clean



Your rug must be durable, as it will need to be able to withstand your pet and you walking on it. It is especially important for larger pets like dogs, who will likely enjoy rolling around on it. Low-pile height rugs are the best for dogs. Shaggy rugs may be more comfortable for your pet but are harder to clean. Wool is a rug material that is naturally durable and hard-wearing, but it cannot be easy to clean.

Your pet will bring muddy paws into the house at some point, no matter how hard they try. Winter is the worst time to have wet feet on your rug. But you don’t need to train your dog to stay away from it. You should invest in pet-friendly rugs that are easy to clean. Certain rug materials are more suitable for this purpose than others. Polypropylene is a practical material that’s easy to clean.

You don’t want your rug and all the items on it to fly when your pet has a moment of madness. A carpet that doesn’t slide is vital. Some rugs can do the job. For example, our flatweave kitchen rugs. You can still make your rug non-slip with a mat. The rug underlay protects the flooring and keeps your rug in place. A dog can’t move it.

Patterns are best for hiding the effects of your pet’s fur on a carpet. Plain cream or white is to be avoided. Lighter colors will show muddy pawprints, but a pattern can hide them until you’re able to clean the rug properly.

The Three Best Pet-Friendly Rugs

Flatweave Trellis Rug with Anti-Slip Trellis

Flatweave rugs can be used in areas where they will need to withstand a lot, including spillages and wear. They are also pet-friendly. The Trellis Flatweave rug is a stylish and elegant design that comes in a variety of colors to match the decor of your home. This rug is safe for your pets because it does not have a pile. It is also anti-slip, so you don’t need an additional mat.

Blayden Distressed Persian rug

How can a dog distress a rug that is already distressed? The wonderful Blayden Rug looks fashionably distressed. This style is the pinnacle of current rug trends. This rug is made of polypropylene, which is easy to maintain and clean. Its design is also pet-friendly. The darker color will make it difficult to see any wear and tear or muddy residues. Your pet is unlikely to ruin the rug’s pattern.

Harrogate Tribal Woll Rug

Our Harrogate Wool Rug will provide you with a natural, stain-resistant material. This tribal rug is a trendy and stylish blend of polypropylene and wool. It is both durable and easy to maintain. This rug is also pet-friendly because of the dark grey color option!

You now know how to choose pet-friendly rugs. Browse our entire rug collection and find one that fits you.

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