What rug types are safe for hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors are the height of sophistication. Their diversity makes them a popular flooring choice. Rugs can bring a room together or create a statement. Hardwood floors can be more prone to marks. Therefore, it’s important to choose your rug carefully to protect your hardwood flooring.

This blog discusses the damage that rugs can do to hardwood floors, how to prevent damage, and what you should look for when buying a carpet to cover hardwood flooring.

Rugs can damage hardwood floors.

Pictured: Our Capri Rug

Hardwood floors require a little more maintenance than other types of flooring. You may be damaging your floor without even knowing it!

Use carpet tape

While you may need to tape the rug down, do not! It can be difficult to remove the tape from the floor, and it can also remove the finish when you pull it off.

Use of low-quality rug pad

Low-quality pads contain a PVC compound that reacts with the finish of your hardwood flooring and can permanently stain it.

* Rotating the rug

The sunlight will reflect off the floor if your room is filled with windows. The area beneath the rug remains the same color.

* Dodging your doormat

Hardwood floors are not known for their doormats. The doormats remove the dirt and grit from your shoes that act like sandpaper on the hardwood floor. The cleaner your shoes are when you step on the floor, the better for your flooring.

* Spillages

All of us have accidentally spilled something on a carpet. These spills can penetrate the rug and absorb the flooring if they are not cleaned quickly and correctly.

What rug types are safe for hardwood floors?

As long as you take the right steps to protect your floors, no rug type is worse for your hardwood flooring than another.

  • Place the rug next to the doorway.

Most hardwood flooring manufacturers recommend this. Personal preference will determine the type of rug that you select.

  • Use the right rug pad.

Rug pads allow you to place any rug on your hardwood flooring while protecting it. Rug pads come in a variety of types.

Synthetic Latex is best for short-term use. They are often a mixture of clay fillers with Latex to keep them cheap. The clay tends, however, to dry and leave a pile of rubber flakes.

100% Natural Rubber- medium priced. These eco-friendly rubber pads offer a non-sticking grip on flooring and are a safer option than PVC.

Due to their high density, 100% felt pads are excellent at cushioning your rug. These pads work better with larger rugs because they are less sticky than rubber pads. They are also eco-friendly, as they’re often made of recycled materials.

The best of both worlds – a hybrid pad made from rubber and felt! This premium pad combines the cushioning and gripping properties of rubber with the cushioning of felt.

Rug Traders offers an affordable anti-slip rug mat to keep your rug in position and protect the back!

  • Rotate rug Occasionally

This will help prevent sun fade. Use your window coverings during the sunniest times of the day to shade the room. In a very bright room, it’s best to avoid sun fading by letting the rug go longer.

Tips for buying a rug

It’s YOUR house! It’s your house!

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