How to style multiple rugs in a room

Rugs are a great way to make a statement. The flooring in a room is more dominant than the wall color. Multiple rugs can be used to create different designs, such as creating separate areas within a room or other floor treatments with different textures, patterns, and colors. Follow these simple tips to create an even balance in your home by embracing multiple rugs. Select a Rug Colour Palette

Sticking to a color scheme is the key to having multiple rugs successfully in a space. Multiple rugs can be used aesthetically if they are kept within the same color palette. Designers will often base the color scheme of a room on the colors of the rug. If you’re short on space, lighter rugs may help to make the room seem bigger. Darker rugs, however, will make it appear smaller. Maria Killam has some great ideas. A guide to choosing the right color for your area rug. Sticking to a color scheme allows you to be more adventurous, both with patterns and simple rugs in bold colors (see our blog for how to choose rugs). Introduce bold colors to a room ). By layering, you can easily add more than one carpet to a room. You can do this by layering a rug of a different pattern or color on top. Use different patterns and textures to make your rugs interesting.

Using patterns and textures can be a very useful way of uniting multiple rugs in a room. A simple way to do this would be to try a large-scale print for one rug and then, for another, try a rug with a smaller print, for example, the Padstow Rug. It is so small that it looks almost like a solid design. It is easy to add multiple rugs by using different textures. Wool, cotton, sisal, and jute are all popular textures for rugs because they add dimension to a room while also being soft on the feet. Rugs can be used as space dividers.

Use a different rug for different areas of usage. This is particularly useful if you have large spaces, such as an open dining area and living room. For example, an oval rug can be placed under a dining room table, and then a rectangular rug can be placed under the sofas. This allows for greater flexibility with your rug choices and is often a great opportunity to use different patterns and colors (inside your color palette) within the room.

Use rugs of different sizes.

Alternatively, varying the size of the rugs is a great way to incorporate multiple rugs into a room. Depending on the style of room you are going for, using varying sizes of rugs can be more visually appealing. Using different sizes can give the illusion of greater space as well as create a colorful floor treatment. For instance, if you are working towards a ‘boho’ look, then using multiple rugs of different sizes can give the illusion of patchwork and enhance the desired look.

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