Natural Fiber Rugs for Your Home Office

This blog post from the team at Sisal Rugs Direct will make it easy for you to choose the perfect office rug for your house.

It can be challenging to choose the right rug for a room. The carpet should match your decor, meet your needs, and be within your budget. You could select randomly, and as long as you are purchasing from Sisal RugsDirect, everything will be fine. You deserve more than that.

It’s essential if you are shopping for a home office. You’ll spend at least eight hours in your home office each day, so you deserve to have a comfortable space to adapt to. We’ve scoured our catalog to find six natural fiber rugs perfect for home offices.

Custom Seagrass Rug

Seagrass may be a lesser-known fiber for rugs, but it’s still an excellent option for the home office. Seagrass has one of the best stain resistances of all-natural wools. It can even handle spilled coffee. This material is an excellent choice for those who want a neutral, natural look in their office.

Diamond Wool Sisal Carpet

You can choose a natural fiber area rug for your workplace for many reasons. You may choose a natural fiber area rug for your office because of its soft, durable, and environmentally friendly feel. For whatever reason you choose, the Diamond Sisal Wool Rug is an excellent example of a natural fiber rug. The Diamond Wool Sisal Rug is a great option for the office, as it has all the trappings that a natural fiber rug should have but with an angular diamond design. Genuine yet new, it is perfect to make your space more inspirational!

Round Jute Rug

Imagine your office. Your desk, your computer, your chair. This mental image has a lot of ninety-degree angles. You don’t need to use squares or rectangles in your home office. Add some curves with a round jute rug. It’s a great neutral in grey or tan.

Moroccan Trellis Wool Rug

You’ll likely expect a neutral-colored rug when shopping for a natural fiber rug. Natural rugs are usually undyed, so they are in neutral shades like grey, brown, or tan. However, they’re not your only option. We recommend our Moroccan trellis wool rug if you prefer brighter colors but still want a carpet made of natural fibers. It’s available in heathery tan, charcoal grey, and opaque indigo.

Dorado Sisal Rug

The Dorado Sisal rug is on our list for several reasons. It comes in many different shades, from dark, cool browns to warmer, softer tans, which can add warmth and depth to any space. You can now call your office “study” rather than “office” with a rug like this. It’s also one of our options in sisal with a flat weave that makes it easier to move an office chair without hitting snags.

Arrow Patterned Sisal Rug

We love sisal carpets. If we hadn’t, they wouldn’t be our name. Arrow Patterned Sisal Carpet is one of our most popular sisal rugs. This rug is an excellent choice because it has a neutral, natural brightness that goes with any style. Arrow sisal is a perfect choice for many reasons: it’s eco-friendly and has a low pile, which makes it ideal for office chairs. It’s also incredibly soft, so your feet are comfortable even if you take your slippers off to attend a mid-morning business meeting.

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