Outdoor Design Trends for Summer

In June, we talked about how to create a patio that will be the ideal space to entertain in the summer. How can you make your patio, deck, or outdoor space look even better? The style of your outdoor living space is all about the furniture and decor.

Comparing 2018 to the previous year, it’s all about creating an outdoor space that feels and looks like it belongs indoors. Outdoor living has evolved from a simple sitting area to an extension of your home.

Here are some of the top 2018 outdoor design trends that will help you create a stylish patio, porch, or other outdoor space this summer.

Add Light With Outdoor Floor Lamps

The summer is here, and the nights are warm. Outdoor lights enable the fun to continue after the sun has set. The lighting of your outdoor area not only creates a tranquil, inviting atmosphere but also serves as a safety measure for your guests.

Floor lamps have taken over the trend of string lights, which have been popular for many years. Instead of using traditional string lights, use a fun outdoor lamp to create an ambiance that is relaxed and unique on your patio. A floor lamp can provide a soft glow to your party or allow you to see the stars at night during a romantic evening.

Treat Your Patio as a Living Space

Homeowners are increasingly embracing their outdoor space as an extension of their homes, bringing their indoors outside. It is possible to transform your outdoor space into an aesthetically pleasing blend of your indoor kitchen, living area, and entertainment spaces.

When shopping for outdoor furniture, consider it an extension of your home. Use furniture, decor, and styles you would normally use indoors to create your outdoor design. Just make sure that the items are built to last. Items like outdoor carpets, pillows, outdoor sofas, and the floor lamp mentioned above can create a trendy space that’s as cool and comfortable as your interior.

Use a Neutral Color Palette

The outdoor design trends of this year are all about minimalism. Neutral color palettes have become popular. Neutrals are timeless and classic. They will never go out of fashion like bold patterns. The natural colors in your landscaping will really pop and shine when you have a neutral tone for your patio.

Think of natural colors like white, beige, and taupe. These colors are often thought to be “boring,” but they create a subtle background for other colors in the room.

Pot Your Greenery

Terracotta garden pots go well with minimalism and a natural theme. They are also a great way to showcase your plants. Terracotta garden pots are classic fixtures and will never go out of fashion. They make a wonderful addition to any outdoor space.

Avoid planting different herbs or flowers in one pot, as this can look cluttered and overgrown. Opt for the one-plant per pot method. Your outdoor space will look more modern and organized. As an added benefit, potted plants are easier to maintain.

Avoid Metal Outdoor Furniture

Wrought iron was once a popular choice for patios. This material is a bit out of place with the outdoor design trends this year, which are centered on natural colors and nature. Choose wicker and wood furniture instead of metal, wrought iron, or wire.

Wood and wicker furnishings will create an open, airy feel on your patio. Both wicker furniture and wood furnishings are easy to adjust, so they work for any patio style. Wicker and wood, for example, are excellent additions to rustic, coastal, or contemporary outdoor spaces.

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