Style Guide: Steps for Creating a Unique Patio Area

The last place you’d want to be when the weather is nice is indoors. What if you don’t have an outdoor area that your family and you can enjoy? You can enjoy the summer on your balcony or the lawn, but a patio is a great way to make the most of the outdoors.

It cannot be easy to know where to begin if your home does not have a patio or if you want to renovate your current deck. There are many decisions to make, from choosing the patio furniture to the layout. We have put together a guide that will help you.

Here are our seven simple steps to creating a patio that will impress you and your guests.

Select the Best Spot

You’ve probably heard the rule of real estate that is most often repeated: Location, location, and location. This rule also applies to your patio. You need to choose the best place for your outdoor patio before you start building it.

You’ll need to be aware of the parts of your yard that are shaded or receive morning or afternoon sunlight. You may choose to place your patio in a shaded area, depending on how hot it will be. If you don’t mind direct sunlight, then you can choose to avoid the shady spots. If you plan to have an outdoor dining space on your patio, it’s important to place the deck close to your kitchen. This will help you avoid having to travel between both areas while entertaining.

Size it Up

The size of the patio is also important. The deck is for your immediate family only. Do you need a little more space to entertain? Answering these questions will help you determine the size of your deck.

You may also want to consider the size of your yard, as you will be adding a patio. This could leave less space for pets and children to run around. If you also want to include a garden, pool, hot tub, or other outdoor features, then you will need to adjust the size of your patio.

The standard patio area is usually 12×12 feet and can accommodate 6-8 people. If you need to fit four people on your patio, then you will need a minimum of 10×10 feet. When sizing a deck, you need to leave 3 feet of space around the patio furniture.

Source Smart Materials

A patio is an outdoor area with paving that is adjacent to a home. Paved is the keyword. After you have decided on the location and size of your patio, you can start paving.

There are many options for patio paving, including brick, decking concrete, slate, or flagstone. It can be not easy to decide, but we recommend choosing a smooth surface so that you can easily move patio furniture such as chairs, tables, and umbrellas. If you are still having trouble making a choice, try narrowing down your choices by looking at your home’s landscaping and style.

Create a Feature

The best patios aren’t simply a concrete slab with chairs and a table. Decks with features that families and guests can gather around are the best. Choose your focal point, whether it is an outdoor fireplace or fountain, a garden, or an outdoor kitchen. Then, you can plan the rest of your patio to fit around it.

Seating Areas

A patio would be incomplete without a place to relax and enjoy the outside. Outline your patio seating area to create a relaxing space. Be sure to consider the maximum capacity for your patio when designing your seating area. If you plan to accommodate eight people in comfort, then you will need to create a seating area or two that is large enough.

What’s your favorite patio tip? Even on an outdoor patio, an area rug is a great way to separate seating areas. Our¬†polypropylene rug was made to be used outdoors. They can be cleaned with a garden hose, they won’t fade under direct sunlight, and they can withstand the elements. They’re also a gorgeous sisal-like design.

Design with the Sun in mind

Sunburns are not something anyone wants. When you are designing your patio, it is important to consider the Sun’s potential to bake patio occupants. Even on the hottest days, you’ll want to spend time on your patio, so consider adding some elements to block some of the sunlight.

You can protect your patio from the summer sun by using a pergola, trellis, or umbrella. If you are looking to keep your feet protected from the scorching heat of patio stones, then our new 16″ indoor, outdoor Polypropylene Rug will do just that. It can protect your feet in a large area.

Turn on the Lights

The party continues even after the Sun sets. Use environmentally-friendly LED lights throughout your patio to make it an inviting place to relax even after the Sun sets. You can also use tiki torches or lanterns for a more exotic or eclectic feel.

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