Rugs and Carpets: A lifestyle that reflects your personality

Choosing the best rug for your home from all the styles available can be difficult. It should blend in with your existing furniture and be realistic for your lifestyle. Carpets, like other decorative items, will show your personality. We can help you find the perfect rug for your character, whether you’re a party-goer, an outdoor adventurer, or a country woman who hosts dinner parties and lunches with friends.

What Rug Is Best For A Party-Lover

It is not easy to host a party. You will also need to keep your home clean. Choose a rug that can withstand regular footfall and is easy to clean. Flat-woven rugs like a Dhurrie or Kelim are perfect because they do not have mounds and, therefore, don’t collect dirt or crumbs. They must be vacuumed quickly to keep them looking their best. Many flat fabric rugs can be reversible, so you can turn a stain over on one side to take it on the opposite side.

The Best Rugs to Camp Outside

How about choosing a rug that represents your love of the outdoors if you spend a lot of time in it? Camping, skiing, pigeon-shooting, riding, or fishing? Furs and hides of animals were used as the first material to create the softness and warmth needed for the simplest homes and shelters. Sheepskin is still famous because it’s natural and durable. Hand-made, ivory-colored rugs with a woolly texture, made from individual skin seed pieces, are a great addition to any bedroom or seating area.

The best rug for women who love to party

Antiques are a staple of traditional country houses, whether from an old family heirloom or an auction. They have an enormous value. Many clever techniques allow a thief to look like an antique for a fraction of the price. Old rugs are attractive because of their worn and loved appearance. They also show that the house is welcoming and friendly. An aged or faded floral print rug is a timeless piece that fits any rural home or dining room.

A comfortable woolen rug for elderly parents

A convenient rug is essential for those who work from home or spend most of their time at home. Woolen rugs with depth stacks are the most comfortable underneath – ideal for running around your house all day! This woolen hand-knotted rug in the Berber style of Morocco is a large, neutral, and soft combination with a simple diamond design.

The designer carpet shows your character

Not everyone is a small-box type. Maybe you are a city socialite who works from home and loves outdoor activities. Choosing a rug that is not a designer, one may say something about your personality. A striped dhurrie or a person wearing minimal colors and a simple pattern might suggest that you are an organized and practical individual.

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