Rugs on Carpet: Tips to Avoid Moving Rugs

You love your rug but can’t seem to stop it from sliding around on your carpet. When layered, rugs tend to slide, bunch, and slip. This is frustrating and can present a trip hazard. From carpet tape to non-slip mats, we’ve put together our best tips for keeping your rugs on the carpet from sliding.

How to prevent rugs from slipping on the carpet

Why do rugs move when placed on carpets? You may notice that a rug or mat moves across the carpet as you move it. The rug moves in the same direction as the pile of the carpet. The carpet’s pile can cause rugs to move in the same way. It can be frustrating having to move your perfectly placed rug constantly. Our guide on how to stop rugs moving on carpets should help you find solutions.

Anchor your furniture

Furniture can act as an anchor for large area rugs, which is a great way to prevent your rug from sliding onto your carpet. This works well from both a practical and a design perspective. Layering rugs over carpets is a hot topic in interior design, but we believe that if done correctly, this can make a perfect match. Visit our blog to learn our best tips for pairing carpets with rugs.

Add non-slip rug pads.

Rug underlays prevent your rug from sliding on the carpet. This method will allow you to fix your rug in place without damaging the carpet or floor. If you already have your dream rug and want to secure it, then a rug underlay mat is the easiest and fastest way to achieve this. These mats are sold separately and come in different sizes. Non-slip underlays can be cut to fit perfectly with your rug. The rug will then sit securely on the top of the mat. That’s it!

The underlay’s width and length should be at least 2 inches / 5 cm shorter than the rug. You may notice that the edges of your rug could cause a trip hazard. You don’t also want the underlay to poke out at the edges, ruining the look.

Use double-sided rug taping.

Double-sided carpet taping is an inexpensive and easy way to prevent your area rug from wrinkling and creeping on the carpet. You need to apply the carpet tape on the rug’s back and press it into place. The tape will stick the carpet and area rug together to prevent it from sliding.

Double-sided carpet tape is designed to be used with carpets. Some rug tapes can damage carpets if they are intended for hard floors. Carpet tape is specifically designed to be used on carpets and will not damage your carpet or rug.

Choose rugs with rubber non-slip backing.

Why not look for a non-slip rug that already has a rubber backing? This type of rug can be found in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. The latex gel backing provides an extra grip both on carpets and hard floors.

The type and thickness of your carpet and underlay will determine the effectiveness of your rubber non-slip backing. You may want to use additional anti-slip measures, such as double-sided tape, or anchor your rug to furniture if you have a high-pile carpet.

Buy a high-quality rug.

High-quality rugs tend to be heavier and better quality than cheaper, thinner rugs. One of the main reasons that expensive rugs are more expensive is because they have a premium backing. The pile is also thicker and plusher, and the backing adds stability and weight to help prevent your rug from sliding.

Our friendly team is always happy to offer their expert advice to help you find the perfect rug for your home. Our team is pleased to provide specialist advice on how to choose the right carpet for your home.

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