Rugs and underfloor heating: What you need to know

Comfort and warmth are important factors to consider when deciding whether you want hardwood or carpet in your home. Hardwood floors with underfloor heat are becoming more popular. Underfloor heating has become a popular choice for home renovations, with demand increasing by over 13% per year. It is a great way to heat a large room or an open-plan area. If you choose underfloor heating instead of a radiator, you can use the wall space to arrange furniture. We will help you understand when underfloor heat and rugs can work together.

Can I use rugs and underfloor heating?

Rugs can be used to add atmosphere and texture and showcase your personality. They also provide comfort, make a focal point in an open-plan room, and show off your personality. You must first ensure that you are using rugs designed for underfloor heating.

Rugs suitable for underfloor heating

Some rugs work better with underfloor heating. Rugs can be used as a blanket on top of underfloor heating flooring. They can prevent heat from rising from the floor and into the room. It can reduce the effectiveness of your underfloor heating and cause issues with your flooring, such as discoloration or swelling. It is, therefore, important to select a rug that minimizes the blanket effect. It is important to choose the right thickness, material, and size for your heating system.

When Choosing Underfloor Heating Rugs, you should consider the following:


  • The top rating of your rug should be between 1 and 2 and not more than 2.5. The blanket effect is reduced the lower the tog. Ideal underfloor heating rugs are no thicker than 25mm.
  • The rug should be low in thermal resistance. This means that heat will easily radiate through the carpet and then into the room.


  • Hessian backing is better than felt backing. Felt creates a thermal barrier that prevents heat transfer from the floor to the rug.
  • Natural fiber rugs are more suitable for underfloor heating compared to synthetic materials. Rugs made from synthetic materials may melt if they are exposed to high temperatures over an extended period.
  • Wool rugs make excellent rugs for use with underfloor heating because they are heat resistant.
  • Select your rug underlay carefully, as some materials like polyurethane do not conduct heat well and will, therefore, block heat.


  • Avoid extra-large rugs if possible. Your rug mustn’t become too large, as it could affect the effectiveness of your underfloor heating. If you’re opting for underfloor heat, small or medium-sized rugs are better.
  • The position of your rug also matters. Avoid placing your rug directly in the sun. A sunny spell combined with underfloor heating can ruin wood. Place your rug as far away from direct sunlight as possible.

What is the impact of rugs on my underfloor heating system?

It is not recommended to place a rug over wood or timber floors with underfloor heating.

The maximum temperature for wood flooring and timber floors is 27 degrees Celsius. Timber flooring, for example, has a maximum temperature of around 27 degrees Celsius. These temperatures can cause serious problems if they are exceeded.

If you put a rug over a wooden or timber floor that has underfloor heating, it can trap heat and cause the temperature to rise above the maximum temperature limit. When heat is trapped under the rug, ‘hot spots’ can form. The wood will overheat and swell. If moisture or humidity are present, swelling is more likely. If you have engineered hardwood flooring, excessive heat can cause the layers of the floor to delaminate. Before buying rugs to use with underfloor heating, we recommend that you check with your flooring provider.

Rugs can reduce the effectiveness of your underfloor heating. However, with the right choices, you can minimize this impact. The right choice can reduce the impact on your underfloor heating. You can also enjoy the benefits that a stylish rug can provide. You can be contacted if you have questions about the underfloor heating rug or its compatibility with other rugs. You can also visit our home page to view our collection of rugs.

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