The Best Luxury Rugs Company and 9 Expensive Luxury Rugs

Every luxury home should have a luxury rug as it serves as both a decorative piece and protects your hardwood floors. Rugs can prevent furniture from sliding and protect the flooring from scratches and other damage. A luxury carpet will also give your legs a cozy and warm cushion to lounge and walk on. A luxury area carpet brings all your home decor elements together for a stunning impact.

Rugs aren’t just about the latest trends in patterns, colors, textures, or weaves. They also create a timeless decor zone for your home that instantly upgrades the interiors and has the added benefit of longevity. A rug with a striking design can instantly update the look of your house. This is due to the high quality of the material and the perfect craftsmanship. Luxury area rugs have become popular among modern people because they add warmth and comfort to any space. If you’re looking to buy a luxurious area rug, then check out the MAT Living luxury rug collection.

Mat Living – The Best Luxury Rug Company

The most versatile accessory for home decor is an area rug. There are many luxury area rug sizes to choose from at MAT Living. They range from 2′ x8′ and 3′ x5′ up to 10′ x14′. It is crucial to select the right size luxury rug in order to avoid any decor disasters. Choose the right area rug color, material, and pattern to add character to your interior.

MAT Living is the best luxury rug retailer in the United States. MAT Living has been a leading retailer of luxury rugs for several decades. MAT Living offers a wide range of luxury floor-covering options. The company works with some of the best rug designers in the world to design and create a collection of handmade luxury rugs.

Luxury Area Rugs

Modern thinkers and those with a contemporary aesthetic are the most likely to buy luxury area rugs. You need to gather enough information before you go to the store or shop online to buy rugs. You can choose a pattern inspired by a tribe, such as a Moroccan carpet, to show off your lifestyle and taste. Select wisely so that they blend in with the color scheme of your home and provide excellent noise reduction for high-traffic areas like living rooms. Browse the collection of luxury rugs at Mat Living and introduce a luxurious area rug into your dining room, living area, or guest bedroom to transform monotonous decor.

Luxury Hallway Runners –

Add neutral-hued runners to your home’s casual areas. They will blend in well with high-traffic areas and prevent slipping. Luxury hallway runners represent a segment that is both functional and beautiful. A luxury hall runner is a great addition to foyers, hallways, and kitchens. Luxury runners are narrower than rugs. Accurate measurements are the key to creating a more interesting hallway or entryway.

Luxury Outdoor Rugs –

Material is a major consideration when buying a luxury rug, regardless of what space you’re buying it for. The material of a luxury outdoor area rug is more important if you’re buying one. Outdoor rugs are subjected to sun, rain, and snow, so it is recommended that you choose a carpet that can be easily cleaned and is durable. When selecting a rug to be used outdoors, a synthetic material is the best option.

The market is flooded with rugs, which makes it difficult to choose. Research is your only option in this situation to help you find the best product. We have listed some of the most interesting luxurious rugs that can enhance your home’s interior.

Luxury Moroc Modo Traditional Knotted Geometric Area Rug

Moroccan Modo is an expertly handcrafted rug created by women artisans. This geometric luxury carpet looks beautiful in both modern and traditional home decor. The tribal luxury rug is made with high-quality wool, which is produced and fabricated at high altitudes in Europe. The luxury Moroccan rug has tiny square motifs on it. The motifs used to create this luxury carpet are created by artisans using 1000-year-old rug-making methods. Moroccan Modo geometric rug brings warmth and comfort to your home. This Moroccan rug is perfect for high-traffic areas such as living rooms, kids’ bedrooms, and other regions.

Dubai Shaggy Luxury Rug – Soft and Silky

Dubai Shaggy Luxury Area Rug is soft and pleasant, making it an ideal rug for formal spaces. This luxury rug is unique and has a high pile that creates a comfortable, cozy environment. This versatile, opulent, and chic style rug can be layered in your living room, guest room, or movie room. This stunning shaggy area rug has a beautiful design and is incredibly versatile. The Dubai Shag is a luxurious and cozy rug that’s handwoven with polyester and cotton by expert artisans. At MAT Living, this luxury-cum-contemporary style rug is available in 7 neutral hues – hazelnut, navy, charcoal, vanilla, tiramisu, silver, and turquoise. This luxury shag is also available in multiple sizes. If you’re interested in customizing the rug to your specifications, then check out MAT Living for bespoke rug solutions.

Hand-Knotted Pico Verona Geometric Modern Luxury Area Rug Carpet

Are you looking for a luxurious area rug with a transitional style that will add a touch of class to your interior design? Pico Verona is a contemporary-cum-luxury carpet that can be an ideal choice for your home decor for a modern-style dwell interior. The rug is easy to maintain and extremely durable. Pico Verona’s hand-knotted carpet is beautiful because of its pattern and texture. The pattern on a hand-knotted geometric luxury carpet is distinctive. The rug’s pattern looks like a complex circuit board. Pico Verona, a geometric luxury flooring, is hand-knotted using 80% high-quality wool, 10% cotton, and 10% viscose. This modern Pico Verona rug comes in both white and gray with multiple sizing options.

Geometric Contemporary Leather Gau Algedi Luxury Carpet Area Rug

Gau Algedi is a luxurious area rug with a soft texture. Cowhide area rugs are strikingly attractive and will upgrade your interior. It will also add instant charm and character to the living space. This cowhide area rug has a geometric pattern made entirely from rug strips. This leather rug is made from the finest cowhide. This leather rug is perfect for both the living and bedroom. This contemporary-cum-luxury area rug is a piece of art that anchors the room decor with minimal effort. The Gau Algedi carpet comes in a variety of neutral colors, including white, grey, beige/brown, and different sizes.

Traditional Renaissance Hand-Knotted Vintage Patchwork Luxury Rug

Renaissance is a luxurious area rug with a wide range of uses. It can be used in any space. If you’re looking to get more from it, try introducing it into a vintage or traditional-styled decor. This hand-knotted luxury rug has a patchwork design that will remind you of traditional leatherworking. This striking rug is made up of different shades of the same color. This traditional hand-knotted luxury rug is handmade using semi-antique rugs, which are restored and dyed. It is available at MAT Living in ten different colors and sizes. Checkout Now.

Solid Platinum Bamboo Luxury Area Carpet with Silky Soft-Feel Texture

This solid Platinum Bamboo area rug is silky smooth. This area rug is woven with special bamboo viscose. Platinum bamboo viscose is a transitional style rug. This stunning luxury rug has been completely handwoven. Viscose looks similar to silk but is much easier to clean and maintain. Viscose fibers have a luxurious shine that creates a mottled effect. Solid Platinum bamboo luxury area rug comes in multiple sizes and 12 colors. Aqua, charcoal, and dark grey are available, as well as khaki, mocha (natural), plum, silver, sand, and taupe.

Luxury Rug in Rio Cobalt with Contemporary Geometrical Leather Hand Tufted Rug

The style of a leather-tufted Rio Cobalt luxury rug is modern. This stunning cowhide rug is a favorite amongst home decor lovers. This leather rug’s geometrical patterns will add a touch of sophistication to your living space. This rug has a luxurious pile that is soft to the touch. The Cobalt rug is made from a mixture of the finest leather and bamboo viscose. The rug is finished with a micro suede backside. The carpet can be found in four sizes: 5′ x 8, 8′ x 10, 9′ 12′ and 10′ 14′. This soft, luxurious leather rug has a high pile of tufted viscose bamboo. Everyone does. A geometric rug can set the mood in any room.

Ladhak Luxury Rug with Handwoven Loop Texture

The texture and pattern of the Ladhak area rug are both dominant and captivating. This luxury rug has parallel lines of loops on its entire surface. It adds a charming touch to any home decor. This luxurious loop-textured rug will add a bold touch to any living space, whether it is in your bedroom, living room, or guest room. The area rug, which is handwoven from the highest quality pure wool and comes in multiple colors and sizes, is completely made by hand.

Vintage Contemporary Tufted Geometric Puzzle Luxury Area Rug

The Vintage Puzzle luxury rug is the perfect choice for those who love to play with colors and the visual appeal of their home. The hand-stitched, contemporary style of the puzzle luxury rug makes it a great choice for your living room or guest room. This geometric rug was created using multiple colors. The hand-tufted stripes are made in multiples and then hand-stitched together. This luxury vintage rug will dress up your floor in style and add a stunning look. The rug has been hand-tufted using high-quality, natural wool. MAT Living offers a variety of sizes. Explore now.

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