Why are cowhide rugs so expensive?

Area Rugs can be used to protect a hardwood surface or to add warmth and comfort to a hard floor. Rugs can be used as a focal point in a room. They are a great way to anchor bare hardwood floors or tiled flooring. Cowhide Rugs are one of the most expensive but also popular categories of rugs.

Leather Area Rugs are an important part of enhancing the look of your home. Unlike other large furniture and style pieces, which are available in many budgets, luxury area rugs tend to be more expensive, and cowhide carpets are the most costly. Cowhide carpets are pricey, which makes you wonder why. Carpet prices are affected by a number of factors, including the type of hide, the manufacturing process, the producing nation, durability, and size. These factors will determine the cost of your flooring.

Finding cowhide rugs that are affordable and have a high-quality material is a difficult task. In order to buy a cheap cowhide rug, we must compromise on quality and style due to the poor quality of the hides and the imperfect weaving techniques that are used during the manufacturing process. It will have a shorter lifespan and won’t be considered a luxury. Cowhide rugs can be found in a variety of places, depending on the requirements. The rugs won’t necessarily be cheap, but they won’t cost a fortune, either. This means that the carpet is a good value for money, particularly in the long run. In this guide, we will list a few reasons for the price of the cowhide rugs.

Cowhide Area Rugs: Benefits

Cowhide rugs will add a touch of natural beauty to your home. The skin and hair from the cow are used in the chrome tanning process to make the material that is the cowhide rug. Leather hair is dyed to create attractive and exotic designs. Some other benefits make a Leather Rug more expensive.

– Durable

– High level of versatility


– Easy to Clean


– One-of-a-kind

Convinced? You’re probably convinced now. One of the reasons for the high price of these rugs is their benefits.

Intense labor work

Cowhide rugs have a timeless quality, and their price reflects the time they take to make them, particularly in handcrafting. Handcrafting high-quality leather rugs may be the most demanding work in the world. As the design becomes more complex, the pace of work will slow down. This is especially true when the artisans are creating intricate rugs. We have attempted to show you the first stage of making cowhide rugs.

Cowhide sample preparation: Cowhides, in general, are chosen based on their pattern, color, quality, and condition. The strips are dyed first, before the entire cowhide. To save time and effort, a few thin leather strips will be dyed before the entire hide. The whole cycle is not unreasonably expensive, but it highlights the cost of the rug.

Cowhide Fibres Preparation After selecting the leather, the curing procedure is carried out to reduce the risk of color fading and shedding. This is done by a two-week-long process of salting and washing leather. After the leather has been slated, it is ready for dyeing.

Cowhide sample dye: Another indispensable method for making leather rugs is dyeing hide. Here is where the cowhide’s tones are created. Leather dyeing is not cheaper. Blue, neutral gray and other specific colors of leather dye are the most expensive. The most costly colors are those that have the highest pigment content. Cowhide dyeing is a very difficult and exhausting process. The preparation of colors for dyeing takes place in huge holders that are heated with coal or CNG gas. Two methods of leather dyeing are available.

Vegetable dying, a natural method that uses tannic acids and takes almost six months to complete, is an alternative. It is an environmentally friendly method, but it takes a lot of time.

The other way to speed up the dying process is by chrome tanning. However, this process is not environmentally friendly.

Finishing a Cowhide Rug After dying the hair, the final finishing of the rug is part of the manufacturing to give it a beautiful and elegant look. The strips of cowhide are now ready for the final step in creating a rug.

You will hopefully be able now to appreciate the amount of labor that goes into creating a cowhide carpet. The high price of the rug is due to this factor.

The cost of quality hair-on-hide rug materials

After the dyeing is complete, some quality tests will be performed to determine whether the material is of high-quality cowhide or low-quality. You can clump the leather, then let it fall. If the cowhide strips do not wrinkle, the leather quality is excellent. If the leather strips have wrinkles, they are likely made with inferior rug materials. A smell test can determine the rug’s quality. Leather has a distinctive smell that is easily detectable. Real and high-quality products will always be more expensive than you think. Cowhide Rugs cost so much because of their quality. You will not lose money if you buy a cheap carpet.

Production Process Of Cowhide Rugs

The long production cycle of cowhide carpets contributes to their high cost. All leather rugs are handmade at Mat Living. Hand-stitched carpets are expensive. Why? The process is not easy and does not involve a lot of ease.

Leather weaving is the most important part of rug making. The leather weaving process is the most expensive, slowest, and generally escalated part of rug-making. Cowhide rugs’ high price can be explained by this interaction alone. They are woven by artisans, who are their main heroes. The artisans sit all day with fixed eyes in an automated motion. They show great patience. Remember that the cowhide rug can also be handcrafted or have tufting elements added to it with other materials. The leather rug is expensive because of the process used to create it.

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