The Best Rug Pads for Laminate Flooring

They are beautiful and long-lasting. The laminate floors give the appearance of hardwood flooring at a lower cost.

How can you make your laminate flooring even more than before? Add a rug.

A rug on your laminate floor will make your home more cozy and protect the surface from scratches and spills.

A rug would only be complete if it had a rug pad.

The first step in ensuring that laminate floors and the rugs placed on top will last a long time is to choose a rug pad compatible.

This article will explain the best rug pad for laminate flooring.

Do laminate floors need a rug pad

Yes, in a word. Why? There are many reasons why a carpet pad is so important. Here are some:

Rug pads add a cushioning effect because they are made from soft materials like natural rubber, memory foam, or felt.

The thick felt helps to improve the soundproofing of the floor by eliminating echo.

It acts as a frictional barrier between the rug and the laminate flooring. This protects both from wear and scratches.

The carpet will have a better grip and less chance of slipping.

How to prevent laminate flooring discoloration when you place a rug on the floor

It is expensive and annoying to repair discolorations on laminate flooring. The floor becomes unattractive, and its life expectancy is reduced.

Two significant reasons for discoloration of laminate flooring are due to the rug pad you use.

Use cheap rug pads

Avoid using any rug pads at all.

What happens when cheap rug pads stain laminate flooring?

Cheap rug pad contains harmful plastic, the number one culprit of stained laminate flooring.

Plasticizers and phthalates are toxic chemicals in the plastic that can cause floors to stain and off-gas. These chemicals can contaminate our air, resulting in poor air quality.

Moreover, cheap rug pads have harsh adhesives on the bottom and can damage your floor.

Some rug pads are made of low-quality PVC, which sticks to the flooring (rather than gripping it like our high-quality PVC rug pad). The PVC can be difficult to remove from your laminate floor and may scratch the surface.

What happens if you don’t have a rug protector?

Rug pads cushion the floor’s surface and increase friction, preventing slippage, particularly in high-traffic areas.

Consider it.

Due to heavy foot traffic, the floor in the kitchen or doorways will wear out more quickly. Rug pads are essential for areas where area rugs will slide across the floor, causing friction and eventually damaging the floor.

Enter the rug pad with a non-slip surface or a cushioned surface. They can protect your floor and prevent slipping. Rug pads made from natural rubber or felt are recommended for laminate floors.

Natural rubber rug pads are environmentally friendly and offer excellent grip. They hold your area rug in position without damaging the laminate flooring. This will protect the laminate floor and keep you, your family, and your guests safe.

What is the best rug for laminate flooring

What you use it for will determine the best rug pad for laminate flooring.

What is the size of your rug?

What room is the rug going to be placed in?

Would you like lots of cushions or none?

Have you got pets or kids who spill a lot of things?

These questions are important when selecting the right rug pad for your laminate flooring. Here are our recommendations based on your needs.

For small rugs (under 6ft x 8ft)

A small area rug is mostly used in areas with much foot traffic. This includes the kitchen and bedside area, hallways, doorways, bathrooms, and hallways.

It’s important to consider the grip of your rug in these areas. You need a non-slip rug pad to maximize grip. The pad that we recommend most is one with a natural rubber back.

Why? Natural rubber is a great gripper and completely safe for laminate flooring.

The benefits of using a rubber rug pad under small rugs are:

Keep area rugs secure

Avoiding Slippage and Tripping

Reduce the amount of dirt that gets transferred to other areas of the house

Laminate flooring is safe

Super-Lock is a great natural rubber rug pad. It may appear thin, but it is hefty, with over one pound of rubber per square yard. The extra weight and rubber grip ensure that your laminate flooring and rug stay flat.

Super-Lock Natural features a webbed design that allows for better airflow and breathability between the rug and flooring, which will help keep your laminate floors in good condition.

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