The Complete Guide to Cleaning a Shaggy Rug

No wonder our shaggy rugs are so popular. This design can make them more difficult to clean. The shaggy pile is longer than other types of rugs, and the fibers have been cut longer to achieve their “fluffy” effect. It is easier to trap dust and dirt in this way. We have compiled some of the best ways to clean your shaggy or sheepskin rug, including light and deep cleaning.

How to maintain your rug in a simple way

It is possible to perform regular rug maintenance in a short amount of time, which can reduce the need for deep cleanings. No matter which method you choose, we recommend you do your rug maintenance every week. However, this may vary depending on how much traffic your rug has to deal with.

Remove Excess Dirt

The removal of any loose dirt, which is part of the cleaning process, involves beating your rug in order to remove any dirt particles that are trapped within its fibers. It is best to do this method outdoors and use a broom/mop to remove as much dirt as possible.

Hang the rug for a few hours in the sun. Not only will it dry faster, but the sun will also kill bacteria that thrive on soft fabrics like bed linens and rugs.


Vacuuming your rug is an easy and quick way to keep it clean. It is always recommended that you use the upholstery attachment that comes with your main machine. Otherwise, the long, shaggy fibers can be caught and pulled, causing damage to the rug.

After cleaning the top of the rug, flip it over and clean the bottom. This side of the carpet doesn’t need to be cleaned as often; once a week is enough, depending on how many people walk over it. To prevent a small rug from being sucked up by a vacuum head, you can stand on the edge and move the head away.

Dry Shampoo (optional).

You can also clean carpets and rugs with a dry shampoo. It is an easy way to quickly clean your rug without damaging the fibers or drying it out.

The machine must be switched off during the entire process. Apply a small amount and use the cleaning head bristles to brush the shampoo into the carpet. After the specified time, vacuum the remaining granules.

Deep Clean

You may occasionally feel like your rug requires a deeper cleaning. There are two ways to clean your shaggy rugs.

Steam Cleaning

You can hire or buy a steam cleaning machine to clean a shaggy carpet. This is an easy and quick process that produces excellent results. Steam cleaning can damage the rug fibers. Please be careful before using one.

Steam cleaning will not remove dirt. This should be done before using these methods. It will instead rejuvenate it and make it fresher by destroying any dust mites and allergens.

After cleaning your rug, it will likely be damp. Gently squeeze the rug to remove water and then let it air dry. You should be aware that shaggy rugs absorb a lot more water than other rugs, so it may take some time to dry. If necessary, you can use a fan.


This method is easy to use. Fill your bath with cold, non-scented, and sensitive laundry liquid. (Please note that fabric conditioner should not be added!)

Place your shaggy carpet in the solution and move it gently to wash. Let your rug soak for 30 minutes before rinsing with cold water to remove any suds. Squeeze out any excess water and let it air dry.

How do I remove spills and stains?

Our shaggy rugs have fibers that are naturally stain-resistant, which makes them stronger. The length of the fibers can make it difficult to remove stains. If you remove any liquid residue from the rug, it will help prevent the stain from spreading when you clean it.

To avoid transferring color, use a white towel or cloth. After you have removed all liquids, we recommend using a spot-cleaning method.

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