What are the best places to buy cheap rugs online?

It can be difficult to find cheap rugs that don’t sacrifice quality, especially when you shop online. You can’t see the carpet or feel it, so you can’t tell if the quality is good. Spending hundreds of pounds to get a rug of better quality does not seem the best solution. It may seem like finding cheap quality rugs on the internet is as simple as finding gold dust. But it’s not if you know where to look.

Rug Traders is proud of the high quality and fair price of its rugs. We are also aware of companies who charge high prices for inferior rugs. This post will compare some of our rug collections to those sold by other retailers so that you can be assured you are getting rugs at a fractional price.

Why is Rug Traders pricing so low?

We take great pride in our rugs’ origins, as each rug has its own story. We go the extra mile (literally) for our customers to be able to purchase our collection of rugs at a low price and then pass these savings on to our clients.

We buy directly from the rug makers themselves. We also believe in bulk to get the best prices and ensure that we have enough pieces. Our delivery times are usually much faster than others since we do not have to order from a wholesaler each time an order is placed on our website.

Other rug retailers usually buy their collections of rugs from wholesalers or other secondary sources. The added costs that result from this process increase the price for the customer. It’s easy to understand why our competitors want us to source rugs for their business since our prices are so low!

Rug Materials Comparison

We like to let our rugs speak for themselves in terms of their quality. We know that online, this is not always possible. So, we provide detailed descriptions of each rug and the background story behind it. Our Arabesque rugs, for example, are made from 100% wool pile. They also have a timeless design and feel soft to the touch. Other online traders use viscose or wool in similar Arabesque-style rugs. Viscose, a synthetic fabric, affects the quality and overall appearance of the carpet.

Our Persian Rugs are also handmade, so you know they will last a long time. Other online retailers do not have as many handmade rugs, which means that rugs will wear out faster.

Rug Traders offers a 30% discount on most rugs, despite their differences in quality. Below is a comparison of our prices and rug sizes against those offered by another online rug retailer. The three styles are Arabesque, Apollo, and luxury Persian. You will probably agree that the price difference and savings percentage at Rug Traders are astounding.

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