Use Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips to freshen up your rug

Mrs Hinch, a cleaning expert and social media star, has gained a loyal following by sharing her innovative cleaning tips and bubbly personality. Read on to learn how to clean your rug with Mrs Hinch’s tips.

Who Is Mrs Hinch

Mrs. Hinch, who is known as the ‘cleanstagrammer’ of Instagram, is also a self-described ‘cleaning maniac.’ She began her Instagram journey in 2018 and has amassed more than 3 million Instagram fans who want to stay up-to-date with the latest cleaning tips from Hinch. She not only shares her cleaning hacks with her loyal fans but also showcases her beautiful home interiors and her cleaning supply hauls.

Mrs Hinch calls her Hinch Army of millions of followers her Hinch Army. They even have their language – cleaning is called ‘Hinching,’ and recent cleaning supplies purchases are shared as “Hinch hauls.”

The popularity of Mrs Hinch extends beyond social media. She has authored her best-selling books, shared her cleaning advice on popular television shows like This Morning, and partnered up with major brands such as Proctor & Gamble.

Mrs Hinch Floor Cleaning Tips:

Use a Squeegee

A squeegee is one of Mrs Hinch’s tips for cleaning your floor. The squeegee is designed to remove watermarks on glass surfaces. However, Mrs Hinch has a cleaning tip that uses one to refresh your rug.

A simple vacuuming of your rug may not be enough. This can cause dust and hairs to settle into the carpet, making it difficult to detect. To counter this, Mrs Hinch suggests that you periodically scrape your rug with a rubber squeegee. This will remove the dust and dirt that your vacuum cleaner has matted.

This method is not only effective for cleaning corners but also for keeping your rugs free of fur if you own pets. Mrs Hinch demonstrated this tip demonstrated this tip to work on shaggy and thick rugs. In our guide, we have compiled some of our favorite hairy carpet cleaning methods to keep your rug looking great.

Mrs Hinch’s excellent tip is to use a squeegee because they are inexpensive, easily available online or in stores, and multi-functional. This hack is also quick, easy, and effective. You may also be interested in our spring cleaning hacks. We have a guide on┬áspring cleaning your home in one day.

Use a fabric conditioner mix.

One of Mrs Hinch’s best tips for keeping your rug looking new is one she learned from a Hinch Army Member and tried herself. You probably already have the cleaning products you need in your house. Fabric conditioner, washing liquid, warm water, and a light-colored, clean cloth are all you need.

  1. One capful of fabric conditioning can be measured into a bucket.
  2. Mix in the washing gel.
  3. Mix warm water with the mixture.
  4. Use a light-coloured, clean cloth to wipe your rug.

It is best to work in small areas, soaking the cloth regularly in the mixture. It should clean your carpet and make it smell and look super fresh.

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