The pros and cons of applying rug tape to your floors and carpets

If your rug keeps moving on the floor, you have a few different options.

The best way to keep a rug from sliding is by using a rug pad. While this is true, it’s not suitable for everyone. You can still be my friend.

Rug tape may be a better option if non-slip rug pads don’t suit your style. We created this guide to help rug owners live harmoniously with their rugs.

Are you ready to become an expert in rug tape? Let’s go.

What is rug tape, and why do you need it

The rug tape is an adhesive with two sides that helps to hold area rugs in place. It’s just like double-sided Scotch tape but much stickier.

You’d never imagine how many different kinds of rug tape there are. Most are made from silicone, rubber, or adhesives like glue.

Silicon-based silicones are the best. Why? They’re less likely to damage your carpet or rug and are the most durable. Further down, we’ll get into the juicy details.

Rug tape has many benefits

Do I need to use rug tape at home?

You may not. You don’t know if you don’t own any rugs or have some non-slip rug pads. Rug tape, on the other hand, can greatly benefit you.

Rug tape has many benefits:

It’s easy and quick to install.

Let’s dive deeper…

The life of your carpet and floor can be extended

Rug tape reduces movement between the rug and the floor by keeping them in place. This movement wears down your wig, reducing its life span. The backing of your carpet can scratch your bed if made from jute, wool, or other scratchy materials.

Rug tape will help you to extend the life of your rug and floor.

Eliminates slippage

If the rug is not firmly attached to the floor, it will tend to slide, bunch, or fold. This can be an accident hazard, as well as a bad look.

This can be solved by using a rug pad or rug tape.

Installing Easy-to-install

Rug tape installation is simple. The installation process of rug tape is easy. BAM. You now have a non-slip rug.

It is removable

Rug tape should be easily removed when you need to move your rug.

Rug tape can also be used multiple times. You can lift the rug to clean it or shake it out and put the tape back on.

Negatives of Rug Tape

Despite the benefits above, you should be aware of two significant disadvantages to using rug tape.

Some floors can be damaged

Double-sided carpeting tapes with strong adhesives may leave a residue on vinyl and laminate floors. It is difficult to remove the residue, and you could scratch your floor as you try to scrape it.

There have also been reports of rug tape causing general damage to floors.

Test the tape in a small flooring area to ensure it won’t damage it.

Rugs that are damaged by water

Tape containing harsh adhesives, such as Polyethylene Resin, destroys the carpet. Over time, the adhesive material breaks down and reacts to the carpet. When removing the tape, the fibers of the rug or mat can be ripped off. Yikes!

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