There are a variety of runners to suit your style, including one featured in Country Living

Sisal Rugs Direct offers a wide range of stylish and comfortable runners, including a model featured in Country Living Magazine.

Sisal Rugs Direct has always been a massive fan of staircase runners. What’s not love about them? The treads are protected from becoming slippery and smoothed out, so you don’t slip and fall on the stairs. They are also cozy and reduce noise when someone is walking up or down the stairs.

It turns out that we are not the only ones to think so. Country Living magazine recently featured a home renovation that used one of our runners in its stunning home entry. You can see the article for yourself by Clicking here. Read on if you want to see examples of high-quality stair runners, including the one they selected for their home.

Domingo Outdoor Sisal Rug

The Domingo Outdoor Sisal Rug was used as a runner in Country Living’s article on home makeovers. It is available in Dune. The Dune colorway of the Domingo outdoor sisal rug was used to tie together the bold green door, the patterned wallpaper, and the vintage accent rugs.

Carmen Polyester Silk Rug

For various reasons, we like the Carmen Polysilk Outdoor Rug for use as a runner. The poly silk has the same feel as wool but is more durable and can withstand the constant use that any staircase will see.

This rug is also hand-loomed using 100% UV-stabilized fibers, which means it will not fade even in direct sunlight. This rug is available in a unique colorway of moss-green that will add softness and charm to any space.

Gorda Outdoor Sisal Rug

This Gorda sisal outdoor rug was chosen because it can add pattern and personality to a room without sacrificing its neutral color. This rug is made from 100% polypropylene and is resistant to weather elements. It is a good option for those with stairs at their entrance or families not always keen on removing their shoes at the door.

Lido Wool Rug

Wool rugs last a long time. Wool has been used in rugs for centuries. It’s durable. Our lido wool rug has been a popular choice for runners, as it is durable and comes in a colorway that changes between shades. It gives a modern look to any staircase.

Lana Looped Wool Sisal Rug

You’ll have different needs and wants depending on the location of your staircase. Lana’s looped sisal wool rug is perfect for basement stairs or any place where you need a bit of brightness and softness. The looped texture is luxurious and has many bright neutrals, including the almost-yellow Beach version.

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