These six accessories will transform your patio into a tranquil retreat

Turn your backyard into an outdoor retreat to relax even more. Sisal Rugs gives you tips on how to decorate your home with the right accessories!

You don’t want to be stuck inside when the weather is hot. Instead, use your patio to create a relaxing retreat for the backyard. You can create an outdoor living area that is as comfortable as your indoor space with these six essential accessories.

Cozy lounge furniture

You can relax for hours on loungers, chairs, and sofas with plush cushions. Furniture with colorful cushions will brighten up your backyard and give it a casual, fun style.


In small doses, the sun can energize you, but in large amounts, it will make you feel uncomfortable. Create shady areas in your backyard to protect yourself and stay cool during a hot afternoon. A simple umbrella can provide shade. You can invest in permanent solutions such as a pergola.

A stylish Rug

When placed next to a sofa, an outdoor rug can create a more inviting patio. Use a neutral indoor/outdoor rug if you have colored chair cushions to balance the look.

A privacy screen

It can be not easy to relax in your backyard if you live next door. You can create privacy by using a stylish screen or strategically placing plants on your patio.


Who says that you must go inside when the sun sets? You can use hanging lights, lanterns, or even an outdoor light to make your patio usable at night.

An outdoor heater

If you are relaxing outdoors at night, and the air is no longer warm enough to feel comfortable, you can use an outdoor heater. You can use a backyard fire pit to heat your patio and make s’mores.

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