The three steps to caring for your outdoor rug

Maintaining your outdoor rug will keep it looking great for many years. Sisal Rugs provides three easy care tips for preventing damage and stains.

Although outdoor rugs are made to withstand the weather and look stylish, they do need some attention now and again. Follow these three tips to keep your outdoor rug looking like new.

Clean your outdoor rug monthly.

Rugs outdoors need to be cleaned regularly in order to avoid dirt building up. Vacuuming your carpet every week to remove loose dirt can help prevent stains. After you have washed your rug or after it has rained, hang it in the sun to dry it faster. Outdoor rugs can handle some moisture, but too much can lead to mold and mildew.

Use a rug padding.

Rug pads keep your rug in position and extend its life. You can save money by placing a rug pad under your rug.

When not in use, store the rug in a plastic bag

Protect the fibers of your outdoor rug with plastic or another durable material if you plan to bring it inside during the winter. The carpet will not collect dust, and the fibers won’t be damaged.

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