Top Interior Design Apps to Improve and Speed Up Your Project

We’ve listed our top interior design apps to help you with inspiration, furniture placement, and color selection. What’s the best part? Each app is completely free because we know that home renovations are expensive.

The following are some examples of Pinterest.

Pinterest is probably the most popular and well-known app on our list. It’s an online pinboard with crafts, tutorials, and design inspiration. Each idea is presented as a Pin. When clicked, the pin will display an image and a description. Hooks can be saved to customizable boards that users can use to refer back to or share ideas.

Pinterest is a great place to look for remodeling ideas, DIY tutorials, or ways to renovate your home. Pinterest’s visuals will inspire your creativity and help you organize your design ideas.

iHandy Level

Do you plan to hang your family picture above the fireplace as part of your project? Maybe you want to turn a mirror on your newly renovated bathroom wall? You want to ensure that the mirror is centered and straight on your wall. Before you dig through your old toolbox to find a straight edge, download the iHandy level app.

The iHandy Level, one of five iHandy Tools in their carpenter’s toolkit, is free and the most used of all five. This app transforms your smartphone into a level using the built-in sensors.

Setup is easy. Hold your phone flat against a surface, and then press the calibration button to align it. Do this three times while holding your phone vertically, horizontally, and facing up. Hold your smartphone in front of the object you wish to straighten and use it like a standard level. This app will help you to never worry about a wall hanging that is crooked again.


The Houzz website is the closest thing to a one-stop shop for all your interior design requirements. Houzz allows you to browse through photos of rooms, furniture, and design styles. You can also find local professionals who can assist you with your project using the Houzz App. Houzz, for example, can help you find a contractor, an interior designer, a product, or a brand. If you need an area rug made of natural fiber, We’re also on Houzz!


Home design decisions are often difficult to make. Download the Havenly App if you are unsure of what to do. Havenly lets users get advice from professionals in the interior design field. Start by taking Havenly’s style survey. You will be matched with a designer who can create the space you’ve always desired. Work with Havenly professionals to create a stunning room using your existing pieces of furniture or starting from scratch.

Users can upload photos of the room they want to design to show designers exactly what they’re working with. If you are unsure about the best way to achieve your interior design vision or need some help putting it together, this app is for you.

Color Capture

You may have seen a particular color in the sky or perhaps in someone’s house. Have you ever wished that you could paint it? There’s an app that can do this.

Benjamin Moore Color Capture allows users to take a photo of any color inspiration, and it will instantly produce paint matches out of Benjamin Moore’s 3,300 paint colors. Color Capture not only provides you with paint color matches but also palette suggestions for two other colors that go well with that color. Next time you come across the perfect color, make sure to use your Color Capture application on your smartphone and note down the paint name.


Renovation projects can sometimes involve more than just a new coat of paint or some new furniture. They may also require a completely new floor plan. If you’ve never created a floor plan before, it can seem like a daunting task. The magician app is there to help you.

Magicplan is a great digital tool for creating professional floor plans in minutes using your smartphone camera.

Stand in the corner of the room that you wish to create a floor plan for, and then use the app to snap a photo. Continue rotating the camera and tapping the button every time it is aligned with a corner in the room until you return to the corner where you started. Magicplan will create a floor plan for your room where you can add objects, electrical outlets, windows, doors, and more. This app can be used to furnish your home, plan DIY projects, get price estimates, or map out your existing floorplan.


You’ll need to use a ruler or tape measure when working on a DIY or interior renovation project. It can be difficult to use a measuring tape when you are working alone, as there is no one to hold the other side. A ruler or yardstick may not be long enough. The Measured app from Lowes can help you if this is what you need.

This app turns your smartphone into a tape measure. Using augmented-reality technology, Measured will tell you how long your kitchen counter is, how high your nightstands are, and the distance between everything in between.

Open the app and point your phone at the starting point of the measurement. Tap the screen. Then, tell the phone to the end measuring point. Tap the screen again.


Hutch is an essential app for interior design, as it lets you “try furniture on” before buying it. You can’t be sure which end tables will look best next to your sectional or what rug will fit in the nursery of your baby. Hutch is a great app that allows you to place furniture and other decor in a room virtually. This gives you a good idea of how the space will appear.

Hutch’s design quiz is another feature that users love. When you sign up, Hutch will guide you through the process to help you narrow down your options for interior design projects. Hutch, for example, will ask which room you are designing, your budget, and your interior design style so that they can make tailored product recommendations. If you find anything you like, all of the items can be purchased directly through the app. This is like an online home decorating dressing room.

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