Apartment Interior Design: Small Things That Have a Big Impact

The average size of a studio apartment in the U.S. is 504 square feet. This is 18% less than the average size of a studio apartment in 2006. Apartments are becoming smaller (down 8% overall over the past decade), which leaves less space for apartment dwellers and renters to make their apartments feel like home.

You also need to think about your lease and the roommates you share with. Likely, your landlord won’t approve of any changes or construction to the area, which could affect future tenants. Your roommates’ tastes (if you have them) may differ from yours.

What’s left for you to do? How can you decorate your apartment without going over budget or breaking your lease?

We’ve worked with some incredible interior designers to design apartments, both for their clients and for themselves. This story is a great example of inspiration for interior design. It shows how Alex Kalita renovated her Brooklyn studio with paint, an area carpet, new lighting fixtures, and multipurpose furniture.

Here are some of our favorite apartment design tips that will make a huge difference in a tiny space.


Apartments are often small, and the space available to redecorate them is also limited. There is a clever trick that you can use to make the space in your apartment feel larger than it is. Mirrors are the key to this trick.

You can create an optical illusion by hanging or placing mirrors in your apartment. This will make the space appear larger. Mirrors can make walls disappear by reflecting what is in front of them. This gives you and your guests an illusion that the area is larger than it is. Mirrors also reflect light and make your apartment appear brighter. Mirrors can help you make your apartment feel bigger and more colorful if it feels cramped.

Area Rugs

Studio apartments are one of the most popular apartment types. The boundaries between the bedroom, living room, and kitchen can be blurred. Studio apartments combine all the necessities of a home into one room rather than having them separated by walls or doors. It isn’t easy to separate and define spaces.

Natural fiber rugs are a great way to bring a room together. They can also make the space feel more cozy. They can also add color and pattern to a room that would otherwise be bland.

Area Rugs are a great way to define a space in a studio apartment. They create logical separations between the different areas, and they also help with visual barriers. They’re also comfortable to walk on and provide much-needed protection to your hardwood floors. Alex Kalita had an agreement in her lease that required her to cover at least 80% of the hardwood floor planks, as they had been there since 1800. designed her rental apartment with a custom-made area rug.


Your apartment walls are a blank canvas that you can use to create a design. While paint is a good option, wallpaper can be applied easily and is less likely to stain floors, wood trim, or other surfaces you do not want painted with paint that is difficult to remove.

Wallpaper can be used to create a focal wall or add a subtle pattern throughout the room. Wallpaper is easier to install than in the past. You can now buy “peel-and-stick” wallpaper, which doesn’t require that you slather the walls of your apartment with a paste. Renters will also benefit from this, as they can reclaim their security deposit and adhere to the lease terms.

Light Fixtures

Interior design projects like tearing down walls, adding built-ins, or even adding backsplashes are often too complicated for apartments. If you plan to only rent the apartment for a short time or a limited period, this is especially true. Light fixtures can be a good choice for a quick and inexpensive change. They also create a memorable atmosphere.

Upgrade your apartment’s light fixtures to create a bold focal point for your guests. Lighting fixtures can help you to emphasize your interior style. Unique fixtures such as lanterns or old-fashioned filament bulbs can be used to highlight your industrial or rustic style.

White and Bright Decor

It is dark in small spaces because there are fewer windows. Many apartments share a floor, so there are many interior walls without windows. This leads to dim, dingy apartments.

Use bright colors, light decorations, furniture, and wall colors to maximize the amount of light in your apartment. Your apartment will feel more hopeful and larger if you use bright colors and tones. Be careful not to whitewash your apartment. Introduce new colors to your space by using accent pillows, decorative items, throw blankets, and area rugs.

Enjoy the Little Things

There are many small things that you can do to make your studio or apartment look better. Even though major renovations and construction are probably out of your budget and may not be allowed by your lease agreement, they will still have a significant impact. Mirrors, bright decor, new lighting fixtures, area rugs, and wallpaper can all make a huge impact on the interior of your apartment.

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