Urban and Street Art

You might have received some funny looks if you had asked this question a couple of years ago! Street art has made its way into the home for years. YouTube fans may have noticed that the most “trendy” channels began decorating their office walls with graffiti-inspired designs just over two years ago.

Linus Tech Tips, with almost 14 Million Subscribers, has a strong influence on certain demographics.

Chalk & Cheese or A Match Made in Heaven?

After viewers saw the uber-modern and uber-cool workspaces created by their YouTube heroes, street art became a popular way to decorate bedrooms in urban lofts.

Google Images has a search directory that contains countless examples of this design. But is graffiti art a good decoration method for a living area? My parents would probably be horrified by this, but it’s a growing trend among the younger generation.

The style spreads from hallways and bedrooms to the living room

I’m sure that those who lived in bachelor pad or shared student accommodation with groups of young adults of university age (I won’t use the hideous labels the last two generations were given) would have loved for their living rooms to be decorated with this kind of art many years ago.

Even younger people tended to decorate their homes with a minimalistic style, relegating street art or graffiti to the bedrooms.

It seems that graffiti art has now found its way into the homes of more people. This style of décor is no longer limited to the young crowds. Street art-inspired feature walls can be found in the homes of celebrities, creative professionals, and software developers. Musicians, financial traders, and people from all walks of life are also common.

How to Create a stunning graffiti-inspired look for your living room

These days, exposed brickwork can be combined with any material, including steel walls, corrugated roofs, and the traditional white color of penthouses and apartments. Combining these elements with street-art-inspired art is truly inspiring, as shown in this loft apartment in New York City.

This example is a bedroom, but the motif’s rawness and simplicity would work in any space.

A style that caught my eye was a mix of street art and graffiti. A young child, for example, can be seen peeling away curtains, peeking around a door, or tearing off paper in an illustrated manner to reveal a piece of graffiti behind.

This type of artwork is available on Amazon and in several online galleries. The graffiti art that’s hidden behind the cover can be as diverse as the way the child reveals it. It’s not hard to understand why this work fits into so many different environments, explaining its popularity. Here are some examples of the same artwork being used to create various effects. From full-wall displays to painting-sized prints, take a look. Could something like one of these examples work in your living space?


The painting above, located in the Linus Tech tips office, shows that talented artists have taken a keen interest in this discipline. But when any art form reaches the level of commercial and mainstream popularity, some people will be disappointed by a perceived loss in authenticity.

There is no reason to prevent kids from spray painting the streets and “keeping things real” when they feel like it. Those with an open mind should enjoy the fame that comes from mass appeal.

Remember, you can add urban chic to any room with graffiti-inspired furniture, fabrics, cushions, and soft furnishings. You could even get a skin for your tablet or laptop. This may also appeal to those who like a traditional look for their walls and ceilings.

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