What is eclectic interior design

What is eclectic interior style? Discover the differences between the two styles.

Interior design is not a one-size-fits-all thing. We bring in different styles as our tastes and budgets evolve without a plan to make it all work together.

This constantly changing chaos can be transformed into a style with a little effort. The beauty of eclectic style is that it can be adapted to any space.

What is eclectic design in the interior

An eclectic interior combines unrelated aesthetics but is brought together with purpose. It can appear to be a new name for the maximalist interior design style. There is nuance in the difference between maximalist and eclectic design.

Eclectic design is a mix of maximalist and mid-century design.

Eclectic design and mid-century style are both about juxtaposition. They combine the natural with the synthetic, the traditional with the modern, and emphasize bold patterns. Mid-century modern is less busy and with a lighter use of decorative elements. It also favors function over form.

Both eclectic and maximalist designs are much more dynamic: they have a busy layout with high textures and a feeling of orderly chaos. Where maximalist design is all about “more,” eclectic design is all about “different.”

Here are six tips to help you create a coherent, eclectic style.

Choose a theme

Consider eclectic design variations of a theme. You don’t need to stick to any particular parameters. Your theme could be as specific as Chicago in the summer of 1927 or as general as blue. What you decide will guide you in what to bring, what to take out, and where everything goes.

Furniture is arranged in a casual, off-center manner

The eclectic style is defined by its playful nature. Place furniture off-center from where it is “supposed to be.” Uneven placement can create unexpected and new spaces in your home. A couch placed closer to one wall than between two walls can create a space for sitting and a potential place to add curiosity, floor plants, or other unexpected items.

Competing patterns, harmonious color

The theme of your eclectic interior design doesn’t need to be based on a single color, but it should have harmony in the color scheme. The frantic design of eclectic interiors should be found in the patterns, not the colors. Stripes and polka dots are all good! Floral prints, too.

Curate a Gallery Wall

As much art on the wall as possible, or at least as much as you desire, is a great way to create an eclectic feel. Ephemera can be paired with sentimental items, just as in a maximalist interior. With this mix-and-match approach, you can add, remove, and swap as many pieces as you want. However, it is essential to consider how colors blend in eclectic design. This will create a sense that the plan is deliberate while maintaining a light, chaotic feel.

Explore the past with pieces that span multiple eras

Have you got a vintage side table, an old couch from college that you still love, and a few brand-new armchairs? You are well on your path to embracing eclectic interior design. If you have a lot of pieces that are mainly from the past 15 years, adding a few pieces from other eras will give your room a more eclectic look.

Please keep it simple

Eclectic interior design can be busy and should incorporate multiple styles in the same space. In contrast to maximalist design, eclectic style isn’t about packing as much into a space as possible. Pick a few unexpected items that are not variations in pattern or texture. This will help you to take the aesthetics of the wall off. Consider rug layers to create variety or a large rug with a design you like. Plants can also add texture and make a connection between your floor, wall, and ceiling.

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