When should I use a small rug

Your rug may be too small. The first tip in every article on selecting a carpet seems to be to buy a larger rug than you thought you would. And then go even more significant.

Not every room needs a large rug. You can still create a big impression with a smaller rug placed strategically.

Think small in these spots around your home.

The Sink Front

A small rug can be used in the kitchen. Soft rugs made from wool or wool-sisal can keep your feet warm and comfortable while you stand in front of the stove, cooking, or washing dishes.

Small rugs can be slippery, especially when not paired with a rug mat. Small rugs placed along the edge or front of a kitchen counter, in front of a stove or sink, will be mainly stood on. They will also be outside of the typical path of foot traffic.

Small Spaces

A large rug may not be the best choice if your space is too small. Rugs custom-made to fit small spaces like foyers, breakfast nooks, and mudrooms will provide comfort and style. Consider a higher fiber-density carpet, such as Jute or natural fiber Sisal, for transitional areas like foyers and bathrooms with hefty foot traffic. Use a rug pad if you want to avoid slipping on a walkway.

Join two large pieces of furniture

A small rug between two large pieces of furniture can give them a sense of continuity. Place a small rug in between a pair of tall bookcases, for instance. This is even more effective if the large furniture pieces are placed on either side of a smaller item of furniture, such as a record stand or bar cart. The rug will add weight to the smaller pieces and create a balance.

How to define a small sitting area

The Large Rug Club may tell you that furniture should be placed on the rug’s edge, but in some cases, it is fun to break this rule. If you have two couches facing each other, put a small carpet (with a rug pad!) between them. This space becomes an intentional, well-defined area to sit instead of two couches placed near each other.

A Bigger Rug on Top

You may have an heirloom carpet. You may have found the perfect rug to suit your style, and you just had it. If you love a rug that is too small to fit in the area you intend to use it, you can put it over a larger one. You can showcase your smaller rug while maintaining a cohesive feel and avoiding slipping hazards.

You can make a large rug from small rugs

It is more about how to use several small rugs. A hodgepodge is a great way to add color and interest to your room.

Please read our guide on rug layering to learn how to choose the best types of carpets. Lower-pile rugs can help you avoid tripping hazards, and a rug pad will keep your carpet from sliding and sliding around.

A small rug for you, a giant leap for your interior design

Don’t overlook how a small area mat can be used in your home. You can easily find the perfect size rug for any room you want to enhance.

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