Bright Rugs for Summer

The summer is finally here, and with it comes the chance to update your home. Celebrating the seasons is easy by updating your decor as the weather changes. Let’s store the spring rugs and then look at some bright summer rugs.

Lana Looped Sisal Wool Rug in Beach

This vibrant gold Lana Looped Sisal Wool Rug in Beach is the perfect rug to capture summer’s spirit. This rug’s color is “Beach,” like a sandy, sunny beach. This rug will instantly bring summer to any room in your home, whether you want it in a sunroom with lots of windows or in a family room that could use a little more summer. This summer rug is made from sisal, wool, and cotton.

Mallorca Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Marine

The Mallorca Outdoor/Indoor Rug in Marine is named after a Spanish Island in the Mediterranean. It gives your home an air of summer. The blue Polypropylene weaving gives the impression of a sea, while the white dots among the blue make it even more radiant when the sun shines. Thanks to its synthetic fibers, this rug is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It can protect your feet against a hot patio or indoors for a poolside feel.

Cambridge Wool Rug in Cream

It’s not necessary to enhance summertime brightness with bright colors. This Cambridge Wool Rug is Cream, reduces the saturation of the rug to improve and complement the natural sunlight in summer. This rug is perfect for rooms with a lot of sun, like a living room or porch with large windows. Wool is soft and will feel fabulous on your feet after a long day of outdoor fun.

Wool rugs should not be placed in areas where they will be exposed to moisture. This rug should be kept indoors, away from people who may still be dripping after a swim in the pool.

Aruba Outdoor Sisal Rug in Frost

This Aruba Outdoor Sisal Rug Frost continues the theme of lighter, more subdued rugs. Its diamond pattern makes a subtle and elegant statement while maximizing sunlight. It’s not a natural sisal, but it looks like one. This 100% polypropylene rug will look as good on your patio or living room.

Hemp Grass Rug on Winter Walk

This Hemp Grass Rug, Winter Walk, is a great way to bring summer colors and texture into your home. It still lets the sun be the star. This natural fiber rug will let you feel the grass under your feet throughout the summer. Just be sure to store it indoors. Moisture and hemp grass rugs don’t mix.

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