Why Round Rugs Are Used

Rugs are a practical choice for design. A rug can do many things for your home, from protecting your floors to reducing sound. A round rug will do a lot for your room.

Here are five reasons to consider a round area rug for your home.

Softening the feel of a room

What do walls, doors, and stairs have in common? All of them are made from rectangles. The corners and edges of rectangles in a room can give it a sharp, stiff feeling. If rectangles dominate your room’s decorative and functional elements, such as chairs, sofas, artwork, or windows, it can feel like a rectangle at every corner. A round rug can soften the space and break up the monotony of rectangular furniture.

Other Circular Features

Not all decor is rectangular. If you have circular features in your room, such as a clock or lamp, a round area rug near it will help draw attention and create a sense of design cohesion.

Don’t just limit yourself to highlighting round design elements. A rounded rug can enhance and accentuate an octagonal table, a rectangular frame surrounding a picture, or even a coffee table dominated by circles.

Define an Area

Determining the spaces in an open-concept house or a large living room is crucial. Furniture placement can help define areas, but it is essential to have an anchor. Otherwise, the order may look chaotic.

Place a rug in the middle of a vignette to define smaller areas within an ample space. The color and fabric should coordinate with the furniture and other decorative items. The rug’s internal boundary indicates that the room is intentional and transforms it from a few chairs and a table into a cozy, defined conversation area.

It would be best to use large furniture to create a sense of space. Adding a large rug under the dining table instantly makes a dining area. No walls are required!

How to make a room feel bigger

Round rugs can be a simple yet effective way to make small rooms feel larger. This may sound counterintuitive, but adding a large, round rug is the best way to achieve this. Place the legs of specific furniture on the rug’s edge and other furniture outside the circle. The dichotomy between furniture placement and the distance between the rug edge and the wall can create an illusion of more space.

Rug Layering

Rug layering is a great way to bring various colors and textures to a room. Losing two round rugs together concentrically is easy, bringing in multiple textures and colors without taking up much space.

Place a circular rug on top of a rectangular one to add interest to the decorative trend. Align the layers asymmetrically rather than stacking them neatly. Be careful not to create a trip hazard. Check out our blog post, The Modern Guide to Rug Layering, for more tips on rug layering.

Do not wait to buy a round rug

Round rugs can be a great addition to any room in your home, adding style and warmth without compromising on quality. We make it simple to find the rug of your dreams. All of our custom rugs come in round. Our selection of custom rugs will complete your interior design.

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