Why designers use rugs as wall art

In centuries past, tapestries and textiles adorned castle walls. The designs were woven to create beautiful patterns, which would instantly make a stonewall interesting.

Designers are now bringing this trend back. You may notice that more and more designers are putting rugs up on the walls, as well as on the floor, whether you’re walking around a showroom, reading Better Homes and Gardens, or watching List It or Love It.

What’s the deal? Read on to find out the reasons why interior designers hang rugs and why you, too, should do it.

The New Textures

Most of the surfaces in our homes are smooth. Smooth is the dominant texture on many surfaces, from tile to drywall and hardwood floors. All those smooth surfaces and lines make for an unidimensional home. This lack of consistency leads to trends such as shag carpets, rustic furniture, and wicker decor.

Rugs can add a unique texture to your floors as well as your walls. Mats can be made of a wide range of fabrics and can vary in thickness.

Seagrass rugs, for example, have a thick pile and a relaxed weave, giving them an exotic texture. Wool area rugs are low-pile with a complex weave that adds subtle texture.

The Walls Make Plain Walls Pop

The most common type of wall covering in a home is paint. Paint is more durable and requires less preparation than wallpaper. Paint is an essential tool for designers, as it allows you to add new colors and design elements to any room. Paint is limited to the patterns that it can produce.

It can be difficult to carefully tape your pattern without making an error. Many homeowners (and designers) stick with single-color walls. This creates another problem, however: one-color walls can appear plain and boring. This problem can be solved by hanging an area rug over the walls. Many area rugs are available in bright colors and patterns that will make any room stand out.

They add warmth and depth.

Most homes have neutral colors like taupes, beiges, ivory, and whites. These colors make the room appear bigger, don’t clash, and complement most interior design styles. These colors can feel clinical and cool.

Area rugs are a great way to warm up white or neutral walls in your home. The gold-toned area rugs do a great job at this. Our Sun Sisal Collection, for example, is a classic weave in honeyed shades that bring out a more warm and inviting color palette.

Cover Your Walls AND Floors

Rugs are not just for the feet. The carpets are also meant to be seen and can best be appreciated when they are hung on the walls of your home. Area rugs are great for any room. They can be hung in the living room, guest bedroom, or dining room.

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