A Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic inspires Jill Zarin’s English Manor Rug Collection

Jill Zarin travels around the globe to find inspiration for her rug collection. The highly anticipated English Manor collection is now available at rugs.com. We are thrilled to show you these amazing rugs.

Jill Zarin has much more to offer than just being a Real Housewife. She designs affordable rugs that will match any style of decorating and her Manhattan lifestyle. The new English Manor collection of rugs will bring a country-chic feel to any space. She wanted to create a luxurious and affordable rug line, and she achieved this with her collection.

English Manor rugs are a great way to add luxury and affordability to any room.

Jill Zarin’s signature rugs always look chic and luxurious but at an affordable price. When asked what she liked most about the English Manor Collection, Jill Zarin mentioned the colors.

I love the color palette that we chose. The colors are warm and inviting without being overwhelming.

Jill was inspired by elegance and affordability when designing this collection. English Manors seamlessly blend into the countryside, just as every English Manor carpet will blend into any home.

Jill Zarin’s English Rose Rug gives a feminine feeling.

Jill Zarin is unique in that she shares how to style her rug collection. Jill Zarin loves to show her fans how she decorates her Manhattan apartment and her Boca Raton vacation home.

This collection is versatile and can be used anywhere. The English Rose pink rug is in my living area. It adds a feminine feel to my NYC apartment, which has views of Manhattan’s skyline. Fresh pink flowers are always in the room to make the rug stand out !”

Her English Manor collection on rugs.com has become so popular because it fits into any home and any room. Her rugs can add an elegant touch to a southwest living room or a northeast walk-in wardrobe.

The English Manor Collection is made of 100% wool.

Jill Zarin carefully selects each aspect of her rug design with a purpose. She chose 100% wool to give her English Manor Collection a unique texture.

“I chose to use 100% wool in this collection because the texture was so beautiful and it fits the farmhouse aesthetic. Jill Zarin Rugs is always looking for new ideas. New colors, textures and fabrics .”

Jill wants to see her fans look at the colors and texture of this rug collection. You will notice that the rugs are universally appealing and represent her style.

Jill Zarin’s rugs are perfect for pets.

Jill Zarin designs her rug collections with Bossi, her dog, in mind. Bossi’s influence on Zarin means that her rugs work well for both pets and their owners.

“Bossi is in love with my entire rug collection!” She’s been curled up on my English Manor rugs and napping, so it’s clear she loves them! When I developed the collection, I made sure that all of my rugs were pet-friendly.

The English Manor Rugs are made of natural wool and are easy to maintain. They are also a great place for pets.

Jill notes: It is important to remove any stains or soiling immediately to avoid discoloration or damaging her rugs.

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