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Did You Know That Trees Absorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2)? They remove and store the carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air. An acre of matured trees can absorb the CO2 that is produced by driving a car 26,000 miles per year.

Did you know that there are not enough trees to remove and store CO2? As a result, it is released into the atmosphere as oxygen.

We at feel that we have to do everything we can to improve our air quality and the environment.

This initiative was started because we believe that planting trees can make a real difference in the sustainability of our world. We invite you to beautify your home and help us plant trees.

Continue reading to find out more about our initiative and our partner Eden Project and how you can support us by planting trees to improve our environment and create employment worldwide.

Benefits of planting trees

The health of the planet is dependent on trees. Scientists estimate that the world has three trillion mature trees. Trees have existed for over 370 million years.

Even though there are so many trees, some disturbing and interesting facts support the need for more to be planted:

  • The Paris Agreement aims to reduce global warming by storing carbon dioxide. Environmentalists, corporations, and politicians tout trees as a way to absorb carbon emissions.
  • The United States does not have enough trees to meet these goals.
  • Tree nurseries in the U.S. must increase their production by at least three billion seeds per year to keep pace with reforestation initiatives to combat climate change. This is more than double the current level.
  • U.S. nurseries grow 1.3 billion seedlings each year. They replace trees that have been harvested or destroyed by wildfires.
  • Expanding the U.S. forest to an additional 64,000,000 acres that are ripe for carbon storage and reforestation would require 1.7 billion more seedlings per year. This expansion represents more than 130% of the amount of seedlings currently produced each year.

You can see that planting trees is important. Unfortunately, there are a lot of seedlings waiting to be produced.’s partnership with Eden Project fills the gap in the amount of seedlings required. You can contribute to the well-being of the planet while enjoying the beautiful rugs you choose.

Our Partner, Eden Project

We know Eden has a limited direct impact on climate change and biodiversity loss. Eden can, however, ground the lightning in thinking about these issues and show that humans have agency. The people of the world know that there are problems, but they don’t know how to fix them. Eden is a window of hope .” Tim Smit, co-founder, Eden Project

Eden encourages citizens to reduce their overconsumption and care for the environment. Eden demonstrates how Earth is our home and provides us with everything we need, including fertile soils, a stable climate, and rich biodiversity. Eden explores the interconnectedness of Earth’s richness and hopefully helps us to see how we can all work together to make a positive difference. and Eden Project aims to reduce extreme poverty by providing locals with jobs to plant millions of trees each year. views this initiative as important, influential, and vital for our fellow human beings and our planet. is proud to be a partner of Eden Project, and we offer all of our customers the chance to plant a tree with every rug they purchase.

Eden Project planted 340,000,000 trees in its project nations., with the support of its nature-loving clients, has planted 59.896 trees in partnership with Eden Project. This effort also provided 599 days of work for local people.

Final Thought

Today is a great day to make your home more inviting and cozier. offers 24/7 customer service and fast, free shipping. We also offer free returns.

We invite you to make a positive impact on the planet by making a positive impact in your own home. You must think it’s a good deal.

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